2017 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Official Jury Member ELIZA CALMAT

French International Actress

Eliza Calmat is a French actress. She lives and works between Paris and London. She has been performing on stage and screen since she was eighteen.
She attended classical classes at Conservatory of XVI and several Actor Studio workshops in English.
During these years, she performed lead roles in classical plays on stage such as “Antigone” or “Le Jeu de l’Amour et du Hasard” from Marivaux.

She also embodied strong character in her leading role as Angel, a blind woman in the film “Love is Blind” winning ‘Best Female Actor’ at the AFA-Monaco International Film Festival.

Eliza appeared in several TV shows (“Spiral” on BBC1 or “Chefs” on France 2). In her spare time she dedicated herself to social work and artwork, creating workshops and plays in hospitals and jails. In 2014 she signed her first stage direction, “Claudia and me”, at the Theatre du Gymnase in Paris.
Bilingual in English, she also speaks fluent Italian and Spanish, her skill are to be unrecognizable on each part in a film she embodies, transforming herself to support the script at her best.

Relentlessly hard working, she is an actor of challenges, who never doubts about performing her own stunts, or to dive for weeks into an unknown universe to raise a character to life. For example, she experimented blindness to play the young Angel in her lead role “Love is Blind”, she learnt the attitudes and the gestures of a conductor for her lead part in the movie « A Silence » and the background and skills of a nurse for the feature film « Patients » last year.

Currently she is working in a US series called “The Beating heart Chronicles” filming in London, for the first time playing a horrible character: the evil head of a local gang.

She’s about to shoot a feature film called “Dreamgirl” and the social commitment of this script, about a desperate woman, matters a lot to her.

She just ended performing the live show “Douze” in Bordeaux, which will be shown all over France inside museums of modern art and Palaces, she performs the lead part and improvises with the audience around the theme of intimacy. This performance aims to help people to open themselves and to love.

You can find out more about her work on IMDB