2011 Angel Film Awards Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to
Emmy Award winning Composer John Altman for his inspiring contribution for music in film.

The 9th ANGEL FILM AWARDS - Monaco International Film Festival

The 2011 Feature Film - Winning Categories:

1. Angel Peace Award: "GET REAL! WISE WOMAN SPEAK" (USA)

2. Best Feature Film (Angel Trophy): "MY ANGEL" (UK)

3. Best Cinematographer: Gianni Giannelli & Ville Tanttu ”THE ITALIAN KEY” (Finland/Italy/UK)

4. Best Male Actor: Timothy Spall “MY ANGEL” (UK)

5. Best Female Actor: Brenda Blethyn “MY ANGEL” (UK)

6. Best Director: Steve Cookson “MY ANGEL” (UK)

7. Best Ensemble Cast: Carol Rich, Ron Recasner, Phil Scarpaci, Lia Sargent, Frank Ciraci, Michael Tower, Kim Piquet "IN THE KEY OF ELI" (USA)

8. Best Newcomer: Joseph Phillips “MY ANGEL” (UK)

9. Best Producer: Peter Keegan “MY ANGEL” (UK)

10. Best Original Music: Tuomas Kantelinen “THE ITALIAN KEY” (Finland/Italy/UK)

11. Best Supporting Male Actor: Frank Ciraci “IN THE KEY OF ELI” (USA)

12. Best Supporting Female Actor: Lia Sargent “IN THE KEY OF ELI” (USA)

13. Independent Spirit Award: “TAMARA’S SACRET JOURNEY TO TIBET” (USA)

14. Special Mention Angel Film Award: “HOW TO BOIL A FROG” (Canada)

15. The Humanitarian Angel Film Award: “THE RESCUERS” (USA)

16. Best Original Story: “IN THE KEY OF ELI” (USA)

17. Best Script Feature film: “MY ANGEL” (UK)

18. Best Costume Design: “THE ITALIAN KEY” (Finland/Italy/UK)

19. Best Visual Effects: “HOW TO BOIL A FROG” (Canada)

The 2011 Feature Documentary Film - Winning Categories:

1. Best Feature Documentary: “GET REAL! WISE WOMAN SPEAK” (USA)

2. Best Feature Documentary Director: Jon Cooksey “HOW TO BOIL A FROG” (Canada)

3. Best Narration Feature Film: THE RESCUERS” (USA)

4. Best Feature Documentary Cinematographer: Joseph Parlagreco “GET REAL! WISE WOMAN SPEAK” (USA)

The 2011 Short Film - Winning Categories:

1. Angel Peace Award: “VOICE OVER” (Spain/USA)

2. Best Female Actor: Gunilla Johansson ”A SRINGTIME MELODY” (Sweden)

3. Best Male Actor: Gérard Depardieu “Winter Frog – GRENOUILLE D’ HIVER” (France)

4. Best Cinematographer: Shogo Ueno “KONO KISHI NO KOTO” (Japan)

5. Best Director: Slony Sow “Winter Frog – GRENOUILLE D’ HIVER” (France)

6. Best Ensemble Cast: Natsue Hyakumoto, Yoichi Toyama “KONO KISHI NO KOTO” (Japan)

7. Best Short Film: “KONO KISHI NO KOTO” (Japan)

8. Best Newcomer: Shaun Rivers “PITBULL WARRIOR” (UK)

9. Best Original Short Story: “DEEP BLUE” (Japan)

10. Best Producer: Gabriel Omania “VOICE OVER” (Spain/USA)

11. Best Original Music: Budapest Symphony Orchestra-Peter Pejtsik “Winter Frog - GRENOUILLE D’ HIVER” (France)

12. Best Supporting Female Actor: Erico Takeda “Winter Frog - GRENOUILLE D’ HIVER” (France)

13. Best Supporting Male Actor: Tatsuhiro Ito “DEEP BLUE” (Japan)

14. Special Mention Angel Award: “DISPLACEMENT” (USA- Suisse)

15. Independent Spirit Award: “BRUSHSTROKES” (USA)

16. The Humanitarian Angel Film Award: “KONO KISHI NO KOTO” (Japan)

17. Best Art Film: “KONO KISHI NO KOTO” (Japan)

18. Best Script: Andrew Martin “GUS” (Australia)

The 2011 Short Documentary Film - Winning Categories

1. Best Short Documentary Cinematographer: Tamara Sumner Petersen “THE WILL TO WIN” (USA)

2. Best Short Documentary Director: Alita Simpson “BREAKING THE SILENCE” (UK)

3. Best Short Documentary Film: “BREAKING THE SILENCE” (UK)

4. Best Narration Short Film: “SIMILAR” (UK)

THE 2011 Short Animation Film - Winning Categories

1. Best Short Animation Film: “GUS” (Australia)

2. Special Mention Animation Film Award: “HOW TO BOIL A FROG” (Canada)