2014 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Angel Film Awards 2014 Official Jury Member EUN OH

Director, Writer, Producer

Born in Seoul, Republic of Korea EUN OH began her career as a model and an actress. She has appeared in well-known TV drama series as well as theatres.

EUN OH got her breakthrough as one of the youngest director in the Korean theater such plays as ‘Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid)’ and ‘Offending the Audience’ before entering the filmmaking world.

EUN OH moved to New York, USA she was awarded a scholarship of B.F.A. in Film and television at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. After completing her education, she worked as a producer, director, writer, editor, and composer, embracing all genre of features, shorts, and documentaries.

Her first short film, ‘A Sunny Day’ she made when she was 18 years old, her movie was invited to screen in the AAIFF international film festival which brought her into headlines news into Korean newspapers. She made numerous short avant-garde films ‘A Butterfly in My Stomach’, ‘Take 1 about wanted’, ‘Soleil Noir’, were shown in the domestic and international gallery, theatre, fashion show, etc., and her original music scores, ‘A Lost Siren’, ‘Non Echo’ were played as the theme songs at the Fusion Film Festival and in underground concerts. She has continued working with a variety of media forming a new-style of moving-images in New York, Asia and Europe.

In 2010, EUN OH wrote and directed her first experimental feature film, a fantasy adventure called ‘Color Zoo’. The film was a narrative designed in collaboration with international acclaimed performers, sculptors, painters and exhibited in multiple screens, layers, and surfaces, spearheading the ‘movie-world’ bridging into the ‘show-world’.

EUN OK is commissioned to produce and direct an international commercial feature film, ‘Land of the Morning Calm’ for the epic historical adventure genre she also wrote the screenplay based on a true story about a British journalist’s mission in Korea during early 1900’s. The leading actors of global recognition and international producers are also joining this project that will be set in the Republic of Korea and in the United Kingdom. It marks an auspicious beginning for EUN OH as she is universally the next generation director for the international style of filmmaking.

EUN OH is a pioneer filmmaker who keeps pushing the lines of the limit and the impossible.

She is pleased to participate as jury member for the Angel Film Awards.