2014 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Angel Film Awards 2014 Official Jury Member YVONNE SCIO

International Actress, Model and Producer

American Mother and Italian Father, Yvonne Sciò’s development is rich and diversified, she lived for many years in the United States and then Italy, France and Spain.

In 1992 thanks to "Non è la RAi" a television show created by Gianni Boncompagni she reached national fame.

She has been introduced on the Silver Screen in "Stasera a casa di Alice" (1990) directed by Carlo Verdone.

Thanks to her eclectic talent Yvonne worked in many important production for the American television like "The Nanny", "Boy meets the World", the Canadian "La femme Nikita" and the adaptation of Stephen King "Red Rose".

Yvonne performed her role in ‘Pink Panther’ alongside (Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Jean Reno), and in numerous US & International features.

In 2005, without any real break, Yvonne moved to Madrid for "Torrente3: El protector" new chapter of a really loved saga and a box office success, than was the time of a little American independent gem "Brothel".

In 2006, she made her way back to Italy, for Taviani’s "La Masseria delle Allodole, adaptation of the best seller with the same title, written by Antonia Arslan, later is co-lead in "Il Nascondiglio" by Pupi Avati. In 2007 she is directed by Riccardo Scarchilli for "Scrivilo sui muri".

She came back for a short period on the American stage and then she moved to Italy where she is working in Independent productions.

Yvonne is also producing a documentary about successful career of Roxanne Lowit, fashion and celebrities photographer.

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