12th Anniversary December 4-7, 2014

ANGEL FILM AWARDS - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards


Official Festival Opening – Thursday 4th December



The Lenval Children’s Hospital and Foundation cares for children between the ages of three and twelve. The “Cinema Angels – Give a Toy” appeal was born after the directors of the Angel Film Awards, Rosana and Dean, volunteered to help the children in whatever way they could and now they are reaching out to you, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Help put a smile on a child’s face… its Christmas time!

We ask if you could kindly donate a new soft-toy or teddy bear and deliver on or before the opening press call.


In 2005 Lamia co-founded The Children for Peace (ONLUS) an Italian NGO, together with Debra Mace TCFP (ONLUS) President. NGO actively works in Mali with Mujeres Solidarias of the University of Malaga and Concordia Charity along with Princess Marie-Louise of Prussia. Together they fund an orphanage in Ethiopia under the Montserrat Caballè Education Scholarship, giving private educational opportunities to orphaned children. Information on donating to the cause can be accessed on the festival website – or on the AFA Facebook page.

Official Festival Opening – Day Screenings

There will be Question and Answer sessions with the film directors and cast of all the official films

15:00 'World Premiere' "ARLENE" Short Animated Movie (France/UK) (6 min)

Directed & Narrated by Mike Colquhoun, Illustrated by Daria Jabenko, Original Music by Anna Giladi – (Director and crew attending)

Arlene - Sometime, somewhere, you have a dream, an ambition follow that dream... like Arlene.

15:10 'European Premiere' "BINKY" Drama (USA) (9 min)

Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Stephen David Brooks; DP/Cinematography: David R. Hardberger; Music by Moby

Cast: Billy ‘Sly’ Williams as The Interrogator; Lucy Jenner as Wendy – (Director attending)

When a troubled woman is questioned by a seemingly detached interrogator they both discover a profound connection that is beyond their wildest dreams.

15:25 'France/Monaco Premiere' "DE PIETRA" (MADE OF STONE) Drama (Chile) (10 min)

Directed by Sebastian Olivari; Produced & Original Idea by Fransciso Bassignana; DP/Cinematography: Manuel Garcia; Composer: Carlos Sanchez

Cast: The mime: Diego Ruiz; The girl: Mirella Granucci - (Producer attending)

A mime plays the role of a statue every day in the street. One day a mysterious girl starts to smile at him during his performance and this is the beginning of a non-traditional love story...

15:40 'France/Monaco Premiere' "LADY LUCK" Family Drama (UK) (18 min)

Directed by Jo Lewis; Written by Jo Lewis and Fay Garrett; DP/Cinematography: Ewan Mulligan; Editor: Laura Morrod; Composer: Nick Norton - Smith; Costume design: Anisha Fields

Cast: Hester – Abigail Titmuss; Paul – Adam Thomas Wright; Richard – Tav MacDougall; Uncle Oscar – Richard Strange; Basset – Maurice Byrne; Bailiff – Mike Simmons - (Director, cast and crew attending)

DH Lawrence short story ’The Rocking Horse Winner’, about a small boy trying to win back his mother’s love.

16:00 'European Premiere' "SUMMER KYOTO" Family Drama (Japan) (88 min)

Written, Directed & Edited by award winning filmmaker Hiroshi TODA; DP/Cinematography Guillaume TAUVERON & Hiroshi TODA; Music: Mica TODA; Producer: Masato HANAZAWA, Mica TODA

Cast: Mr.Nakamura: Yoichi HAYASHI; Mrs.Nakamura: Hitomi WAKAHARA; The old man: Shyoji YAMADA - (Director, cast and crew attending)

'Nightfall and a solitary walk, Mr. Nakamura, a scented bag maker, stumbles, upon a helpless old man lying on the street and offers him a place of refuge. After returning the kindness shown to him, the old man disappears...but why?'

17:30 INTERVALtime to get dressed up and ready for the evening screenings followed by the VIP evening party to be announced


19:00 'European Premiere' "I KNOW YOU" Drama (UK) (8 min)

Written, directed, produced by Colin Gerrard; Cinematography: Simone Gallorini; Edited by Michiel Overeem & Dragomir Bajalica; Original music: Colin Gerrard & Michiel Overeem

Cast: Colin Gerrard; Alexandra Mogos; Gabriele Bartolini; Timothy Naraine – (Director attending)

‘Sometimes it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s who they think you are.

19:15 'World Premiere' Opera Style Feature Film "A DREAM OF RED MANSIONS" (A.K.A. Dream of the Red Chamber) Drama (China) (120 min)

Directed by Gong Yingtian; Screenplay by Gong Yingtian & Xu Chunlan (Kunqu Opera Director); DP/Cinematographer: Xie Ping; Screenplay: Wang Yan; Executive Producer: Yang Fengyi; Editor: Jiang Zhaojian; Costume Designer: Peng Dinghuang; Original Music for Voices in Kunqu Opera: Wang Dayuan

Cast: Jia Baoyu: Weng Jiahui; Lin Daiyu: Zhu Bingzhen (lead cast); Xue Baochai: Shao Tianshuai; Wang Xifeng: Wei Chunrong; Jia Zheng: Wang Yinghui; Madame Jia: Bai Xiaojun (Director, cast & crew attending)

Based on the mid-eighteenth century novel by Cao Xueqin, "A Dream of Red Mansions" tells the changing fortunes of the Jia Family, focusing on the tragic love of Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu. Against such worldly elements as death, financial ruin, marriage, decadence and corruption, Baoyu is finally awakened by a vision, which reveals to him that life is merely a dream, like moonlight mirrored in the water.


Opening evening champagne reception in one of the most prestigious belle époque film location ‘La Rotonde Lenôtre’- French Riviera
Sponsored by The Northern KunQu Opera Theatre; Gorwen (Beijing); 7 Colli Productions; AFA

Exclusively for VIP & Press Pass holders only! Shuttle bus outside the NOVOTEL MC 22:15 latest 22:30-PM