12th ANGEL FILM AWARDS - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

DAY 2 - Friday 5th December

14:30 'Monaco Premiere' "LIFE" Drama (Holland /Italy) (5 min)

Directed by Mariana Preda; Written & Produced by Mariana Preda and Nikolas Grasso

Cast: Mariana Preda; Nikolas Grasso (Director, cast attending)

Life is about all the people that keep their Dream alive, no matter what.

14:40 'Monaco/France Premiere' "LIVING LEGENDS" Comedy (Bulgaria) (100 min)

Written& Directed by Niki Iliev; Scrip Niki Iliev; Nikolay Vasilevski; Sanya Borisova-Ilieva; DP/Cinematography: Grigor Kumitsky; Editor: Alexander Etimov; Music: Borislav Boyadjiev; Producers:Niki Iliev; Boiko Iliev

Cast: PAVEL: Orlin Pavlov; BOYAN: Niki Iliev; KRISSI: Sanya Borisova-Ilieva; MARTIN: Dimo Alexiev; DONCHO: Liubomir Kovachev; MICHELE PLACIDO: CHRISTIANO NEGRI; (Director, some cast attending)

'An accident, amnesia and a group of former schoolmates leads Pavel, a successful and upscale Banker to return to his hometown. Gathering their courage, they embark on their wildest childhood dream, awakening to events they have put on hold.....until now.'

16:15 'European Premiere' "EVERYTHING IS FINE HERE" Drama (Iran) (77 min)

Written, Directed, Produced by Pourya Azarbayjani; Artistic Director: Mona Sartoveh Cinematographer: Majid Mohammadqoli; Music: Hooshyar khayam

Cast: Arghavan: Marzieh Valipoor; Boyfriend: Erfan naseri, Nader Mashayekhi, Pantea Syroos, Daryoush Faezi (Directors attending)

On the verge of her marriage, Arghavan, 25, is gang-raped in a deserted area of Tehran. In a strict, conservative society where young women are expected to be virgins before marriage, the crime is that of her assailants; the catastrophe is hers. Overwhelmed by rumors, her life begins turning into a nightmare.

17:35 INTERVALtime to get ready for the evening screening followed by the VIP film Industry party


21:00 'World Premiere' "THE OWEN HART FOUNDATION: A LOOK BACK" (Canada) (18 min) – Documentary Directed by Dr. Martha Hart, Ph.D.

Producer: James A Sinclair & The Media Department of Be Institute Inc.; DP/Cinematographer & Editor:Wes Beiko & Ashid Bahl; Original Music Composition and performance by: Tammi Christopher

Principle Cast & Interviewees: Martha Hart, Ph.D.; Brett Wilson (Order of Canada Recipient, Dragons Den TV, Philanthropist); Darrel Janz (CTV News Feature Reporter); Athena & Oje Hart; and many more; (Directors/Crew attending)

After losing her beloved husband to a shocking and negligent death, Martha Hart, widow of globally recognized WWF (now known as WWE) wrestler Owen Hart turns tragedy into triumph by helping others through the Owen Hart Foundation.

21:25 'World Premiere' "MY CHRISTMAS WISH" Family Drama (USA) (26 min)

Directed byJames Tumminia; Screenplay, Troy Romeo & James Tumminia; Produced by Tanya Gorlow, Nick Somers, James Tumminia; DP/Cinematography MeeRa Kim; Editors MeeRa Kim Michael Joseph Henderson; Music by Saverio Rapezzi; (Director, cast attending)

Cast: Will: Andreas Beckett; Mel: Louis Dezseran; Lance: John C. Epperson; Isabelle: Tara Emerson, Olivia: Heather Harper; Gabriel: Greg Jackson; Sophia: Anne Leighton; Zack: Ian Roberts; Abigail little girl: Ashley Lynn Switzer; Emma: little girl Makayl Walsh

A spirited and determined young girl, full of hope and heart, proves to us all that it is far better to give than receive.

21:55 'European Premiere' "EL MAGO" Drama (USA) (13 min)

Directed by David Liz; Screenplay: Agustin Gonzalez; DP/Cinematography: David Liz; Original Music performed & written by: Ana Lourdes Rodriguez; Editor: Julio Licona; Executive Producer: Ana Lourdes Rodriguez (Director, cast attending)

Cast: El Mago: Gabriel Sanchez; Maria Cristina: Ana Rodriguez; Security Guard: Hector Montoto; Judge: Alan Scharf; Backstage Manager: Ronald Lago

A young pianist desires to be a great concert artist, frustrated by her lack of progress, she seeks the help of a mysterious young man, El Mago. He is much more than what he seems.

22:15 'World Premiere' "RUSH" Feature Documentary (USA) (58 min)

Jane Clements; Director: Theodore Dodge; Editor: Rob Ellis; DP/Cinematography: Jed Dole Bill Meurer, Nick Sarando, Michael Mendizza (Producer, director, cast and VIP guest attending)

Based on true events, RUSH tells the story of a breakthrough health, life and earth-saving technology, abilities that we have now. If you can dream it, you can do it.


"A LOOK BACK" Film Industry Party
Sponsored by THE OWEN HART FOUNDATION & BE INSTITUTE INC & AFA – at prestigious ‘Pacific Lounge Club’ Monte Carlo – music powered by the Glamour Twins

Exclusively for VIP and Press Pass holders - VIP badges must be worn at all times!