2015 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Jane Clements was trained in Art and Design at Falmouth College in the UK, working in those fields until 2006, when she embarked on her current filmmaking and film production work. She has produced several documentaries and PSAs, learning from and working with some of Hollywood's esteemed artists and professionals, such as Bill Meurer, Howard Wexler, Patrick Kilpatrick, Chuck Loch and many others. Her first short documentary How'd You guys Do That? - The Technology of Possiblisation premiered in Costa Rica at the 2011 Montezuma International Film Festival. In 2012 she attended the Sundance Film Festival in Utah and was invited to screen her film at the Movieville Film Festival in Sarasota, Florida where she heard that "people at Cannes were talking about HER film”! In 2013 Jane produced a short documentary INTERCEPTION, which she promoted in Cannes Film Festival 2014. Asked to turn this movie into a feature film, Jane produced RUSH, which won an Angel Award at the 2014 Monaco International Film Festival. In May 2015, Jane attended Cannes Film Festival and, inspired by the advice of a good friend, began writing a screenplay, BEWILDERED is the result! Jane is an eco-humanitarian, travelling extensively in Europe, America and Central America, dedicating her life to helping others realize their full potential and to healing the earth and the children and all life on the planet.

“BEWILDERED” A Screenplay Written by Jane CLEMENTS (UK)

Logline: (Genre Factual/Humanitarian)

Three ordinary women in the UK discover their latent abilities when they meet the world's one and only CYBERNETICIAN and Bio-Matrix Hacker, and decide to drop everything and change their lives to access the most powerful mind control technology on the planet.


A dramatic unfolding of humankind’s long forgotten Golden Age, recent genocides and dark ages, to the present near-annihilation of Mother Earth... and then to our hopeful imminent future. Three ordinary women wasting away in the UK discover their latent abilities when they meet the world's one and only CYBERNETICIAN and Bio-Matrix Hacker, and decide to drop everything and change their lives to access the Technology of Possibilization. Reset and reprogrammed back to their original blueprint, they learn and use the MOST POWERFUL MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY ON THE PLANET!

HERA – a beautiful, but abused and delusional 39-year old - wanted to never be afraid of anything. Now she uses 100% of her brain and can handle anything that she faces! JO – single mom, 44, and former psych nurse - wanted a tool to heal people quickly and for real. Now she is able to heal people anywhere in the world, remotely, from the comfort of her own home. MOLLY - 33 year old mother, drug addict and wannabe artist - dreamed of being an angel traveling all over the world helping people. Now she does this every day, always finding herself in the right place at the right time. Happy, healthy, with purpose and meaning, and satisfied beyond all human cravings, our heroines are now on duty 24/7 to Save the World and Rescue the Children. All of this within a single year.

Like a whirlwind, BEWILDERED follows the dramatic lives of these three women, as they struggle to become who they truly are and fulfill their life purpose. Together they launch the most amazing and miraculous experiment in the world - the FireBurnDoctor's "Free Global Burn Eradication Project." Almost single-handedly responsible for taking care of hundreds of burn victims worldwide, Hera, Jo and Molly thrill as each new result comes in: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours, with the often repeated question: "How'd you guys do that?" "It's amazing!" "I thank God every day that these are the abilities that we have now." Results like this make all their sacrifices worthwhile.... and it’s just the beginning.

Next we see pristine nature, the restoring of extinct species, the reversing of the degenerative aging process with a real time fountain of youth, and Biognostic Green Schools where every child can learn the previously unknown mysteries of nature, right in the middle of their own city. Everything is pointing in one direction: IMAGO – The Bio-evolutionary leap to fully human GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH, as humanity was originally intended to be. Our heroines, ordinary no more, become MIDWIVES OF THE NEW BIRTH.

BEWILDERED culminates when Hera gets the phone call they've long been waiting for and their wealthy lawyer friend tells them someone very famous and powerful is dying… His survival could CHANGE THE PENDING WAR SCENARIO!...What will our heroines do?