13th THE ANGEL FILM AWARDS - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards


Friday 4th December

Official Festival Opening - Day Screenings

There will be Question and Answer sessions with the film directors and cast of all the official films

15:00 'World Premiere' "GETTING MEISNERED" (US) (13 min)

Directed-Co- written & Executive Produced by Kellyann CHIPPENDALE & David SHEEHAN; DP/cinematographer: Chris LIEBE; Edited by John DIAMOND; Todd HILLMAN; Liz Buda

Cast: Leading Actors & Co –Writers : Kat Crawley, Keleigh Kremers, Kellyann Chippendale, Victoria Greenwood.. also starring Chris Liebe - (Cast and crew attending)

One great teacher can change your whole life.

15:20 'France/Monaco Premiere' "ROUTE CANAL" Comedy (UK) (27 min)

Written, Directed, Executive Produced by Joe FERRERA; DP/Cinematographer: Malcolm McLean; Editor Heppie Collins; Sarah Warne Original Music/Composer;

Cast: Lead role: Eva Pope, Joe Ferrera (CAROLIN AND PAUL); (Supporting Actor) Melissa Collier (DEBORAH/HEAD TEACHER) (Director, cast attending)

Will Caroline's plan come to fruition? Will the head teacher see through Caroline's deceit? Will Paul be able to hold his nerve? LIFE...IT'S LIKE PULLING TEETH!!

15:45 'World Premiere' "PLASTIC FINGERS" Drama (UK) (13:40 min)

Directed & Edited by David J Paradise; Written by Angela & David J Paradise Produced by Angela Paradise; DP/Cinematographer: Andrea Chiozzotto; Wardrobe: Russette Auton; Original Music: Paul McKinley

Cast: The mime Francisco Bassignana; The Lady Kiki Kendrick (Director & Producer attending)

A cheerful mime seeks to entertain the public but is criticized at every turn, struggling with guilt he tries to keep a grip on reality...

16:00 'World Premiere' "Early Spring, SAKURAJIMA" Family Drama (Japan) (88 min)

Written, Directed and Edited by Hiroshi TODA; DP/Cinematography: Guillaume Tauveron , Hiroshi Toda; Original Music: Mica Toda; Produced by Masato Hanazawa / Claude Yoshizawa / Mica Toda

Cast: Yoichi Hayashi (Takashi); Hitomi Wakahara (Kyoko); Kenkichi Nishi (Teacher); Katsuhiko Nishi (Fortuneteller) (Director, crew attending)

After retirement age Takashi Arimura returned to his hometown Kagoshima, his life turns into a depressive stade, and with the help and encouragement of his wife Kyoko, he starts drawing hoping he'll reach his goal in his old age.

17:30 INTERVALtime to get dressed up and ready for the evening screenings


20:30 'World Premiere' "WAIT FOR YOU NO MORE" ROMANCE (Japan) (9:33 min)

Written, Directed, Produced by Miwa ONO; DP/Cinematographer: Masashi Yokota; Editor: Masashi Yokota; Sound: Masashi Yokota

Cast: Remi Hirota (Rio); Kouhei Majima (Naoki); Shingo Romisaki (Hayato) - (Director attending)

'Broken promises pushes Rio away from her true love, Naoki and down a path she may regret. This excitement of freedom and the rekindling of a love once lost may be the cure, but to what cost...her true happiness or that of Naoki?

20:40 'World Premiere' "THE GREAT GREEN WALL" Documentary (Poland) (58 min)

Directed by Malgorzata Frymus, DP/Cinematographer & Edited: Lukasz Nyks; Music Café Rico (Director & Producer attending)

For 10 years young Africans have been going to the desert to plant trees during their school holidays. Within a few days they turn many acres of land subject to desertification into a future forest. Small plants give future generations hope for a better life

21:55 'World Premiere' "L'AMOUR REND AVEUGLE (LOVE IS BLIND)" Drama (France) (14:10)

Written, Directed by Sabine Crossen; Produced by Benjamin Magnard, Christophe Leys, Christophe Péchoux; DP/Cinematographer Vincent Vieillard-Baron; Editor – Yorgos Lamprinos

Cast: Eliza Calmat (ANGELE); Cédric Maruani (TRISTAN); Franck Boss (PATRICK); Gustavo Marchand(BENJAMIN;) Bernard Werber (PRETRE); Camille Andrey-David (CARLA); Rebecca Dereims (FILLE DU BAR) - (Cast and crew attending)

Tristan is an ophthalmologist. When one of his patients, Angel, loses her eyesight due to an infection, he isn't surprised. But when she invites him out to have a drink and they end up getting married and having a child...well..

23:00 Opening evening champagne reception in one of the most prestigious belle époque film location 'La Rotonde Lenôtre'- French Riviera

A Celebration of film meets fashion

Thanks to ZEYNEP KARTAL UK-Istanbul; Alexandre Monaco-Saint
and Lenôtre-Paris-Cote d'Azur

Exclusively for VIP & Press Pass holders only! Shuttle bus outside the NOVOTEL Monte Carlo - 22:15 latest 22:30-PM