13th THE ANGEL FILM AWARDS - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

DAY 2- Saturday 5th December

15:00 'World Premiere' "ACTORS LOVE" Love Story (Switzerland) (5:50 min)

Written and Directed by Richard RABELBAUER; Producer: Claudia Rabelbauer, Stefanie Kalt; DP/Cinematography: Manuel Haefele; Editing: Maria Brendle; Original Music: Sven Tietz

Cast: Elke Jochmann (Eva), Simon Hatzl (Sascha) (Director, Producer attending)

As the relationship of Eva Landers and Sascha Berg, the dream couple of many romantic love films, is heading towards a crisis they have a problem: there’s no script to show them the way to the happy ending…

15:10 'Monaco/France Premiere' "NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD" Drama (Ireland) (98 min)

Written & Directed by Donal NUGENT; Produced by Kathy Horgan and Michael Parle; Edited by Paul Heary; DP/Cinematographer: Stephen C. Walsh, Ken Waide; Costume Design: Maria Tapper; Original Music: Celsey McFadden (Director attending)

Cast: Lead Cast: Lorna Larkin (Janice Cadogan); Patrick O’ Donnell (Matthew Cadogan), Patrick J. Molloy (Peter Frawley),Vanessa Richter (Eileen Frawley)

Past and future collide when a popular weather forecaster sees the ghosts of an unhappy couple in her new home. Coming to terms with her own secrets is the key to solving the mystery of North Circular Road.

16:55 'World Premiere' "KASUMI" Drama (Japan) (26 min)

Written, Directed, Produced by Misaki MATSUI; Cinematographer: Toru Nishikubo, Tetsu Wakabayashi; Edited by Yusuke Shibata; Music: Jun Ando

Cast: Masaki (Kasumi), Gingerich (Peter) (Directors attending)

Kasumi, a Japanese woman, visits New York to follow the memories and dreams of her late fiancée, Togo, who had aimed to become a photographer. Togo loved the ocean and sometimes bought for her baby’s breath (white wedding flowers) also called KASUMI in Japanese because of the name. Kasumi takes Togo’s camera and starts visiting several seaside locations in New York all by herself.

17:25 INTERVALtime to get ready for the evening screening and VIP film Industry party


21:15 'Monaco/France Premiere' "TAKING STOCK" Comedy (UK) (75 min)

Written & Directed by Maeve MURPHY; Executive Produced: Frank Mannion, Richard Yetzes; DP/Cinematography: Gerry Vasbenter; Editor: Anuree De Silva; Composer: David Long; Costume Designer:Barbara Elum-Baldres (Director and cast attending)

Cast: Kelly Brook (KATE); Jay Brown (NICK); Lorna Brown(CHRISTINA); Georgia Groome (KELLY); Junichi Kajioka (YOICHI); Femi Oyeniran (SPONGE); Scot Williams (MATT)

At rock bottom, Kate seizes her destiny by revealing her inner bad girl. Taking Stock is a fun and up lifting film which follows Kate’s shennanigans...

22:35 'European Premiere' "THE VOICE IN THE HEAD" Drama (UK) (11:47 min)

Written and Directed by Cyrus TRAFFORD (Based on a Story by - Eckhart Tolle); Executive Producers: Carl Molinder, Johan Soderqvist & Zack Hemsey; DP/Cinematographer: Dan Pickard, Rory Skeoch; Editor: Tim Porter; Music: Aaron Taffel & Rob Diamond (Director attending)

Cast: Charlotte Luxford (girl); Stella Willow (grazie woman); Lisa Kay (woman in bathroom); James Allen (teacher)

Psychologist David Rosenhan Ph.D - 'If sanity and insanity exist, how shall we know them?'

22:50 'European Premiere' "COMING TO TERMS" Drama (USA-SPAIN) (12 min)

Written & Directed by David BERTRAN; Cinematography: John Rosario; Editing: Yolanda Centeno; Original Music: Bruno Valenti, Jan Broberg Carter; Producers: Cesar B. Saura (EP), Y olanda Centeno, David Bertran, Gabriela Dorini, Phyllis Larrymore-Kelly (Director attending)

Cast: Carissa Bazler (Sally-lead); Wyatt Greene (Eddie - lead); Michael Maino (Jack, supporting-role); Nancy Daly (Aunt Carol, supporting role).

Two children are eager to reunite with their dad in Heaven, as they are convinced there’s a beautiful afterlife in Paradise.

23:15 'European Premiere' "BIRTHCLOUD" Fantasy – short (UK) (11:20 min)

Written & Directed by Amanda BRENNAN; DP/Cinematographer: Nicola Daley; Edited by: Philippa Carson; Original Music by: Sean O’Hagan (The Magicians Moment) Mike Ladouceur; Costume Design: Gina Lee; Produced by: Amanda Brennan, Jemma Moore, Elizabeth Stanton, Naomi Waring

Cast: Brendan Lyle (the Angel); Kayleigh O’Connor (Mia); Justine Priestley (Mother); Ricardo Carvajal (Magician); Molly Bas (young Mia)

Supernatural clouds and a wish causes Mia to encounter a whirlwind of events which transports her to her past, present and future. She must make decisions based on what has been set out before her and take control of her own destiny.

23:45 'Walk on the wild side...' Film Industry party at prestigious 'Pacific Lounge Club' Monte Carlo – music powered by the Glamour Twins

Exclusively for VIP and Press Pass holders - VIP badges must be worn at all times!