14th THE ANGEL FILM AWARDS - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards


Tuesday 29 November - Day 2 Official Selection Screenings

There will be Question and Answer sessions with the film directors and cast of all the official films

15:00 'World Premiere' "SUPERGIGI" Comedy (Italy) (10 min)

Written by Nikolas Grasso & Emilio Madaio; Directed by Nikolas Grasso; Cinematographer: Paolo De Matteis; Line Producer: Micaela Martini; Original Music by Mariana Preda

Starring: Lorenzo Munzi (Gigi); Paolo De Matteis (Andrea)

Storyline: At the interview of his dream job young careerist Lorenzo Munzi (Gigi) learns he's an accidental victim of nepotism and so decides to turn the tables (Crew & Cast attending)

15:15 'World Premiere' "THE HEART" Animation (France/UK) (4 min)

Written & Directed by Mike Colquhoun; Narration by Suzanne Kendall; Sculpture by renown French Sculptress Nicole Durand. The animation by Chris Lacey adds a visual dimension

Storyline: The overall work reflects the need of the heart for protection and its potential for being wounded, but also its need to be open. (Director; Artist & Cast attending)

15:25 'France/Monaco Premiere' "FORGIVENESS" Drama (Lebanon) (12:38 min)

Written, Directed, Edited & Produced by Rima Irani; DP/Cinematography: Fouad Aoun; Costume Design: Rima Irani; Original Music: Dany Bou Maroun

Starring: Rita Barakeh; Mona Abdulrahim; Mirella Antoun; Christina Karam; Salwa Salameh

Storyline: A healthy minded child will never be a broken adult (Director attending)

15:45 'France/Monaco Premiere' "A PLACE TO STAY" Drama (UK) (11:40 min)

Directed by Andrea Banjanin; Written by Justine Priestley and Brendan Lyle; Produced by Justine Priestley, Gemma Yates-Round & Bob Fowkes; DP/Cinematography: György László; Editor: Andrea Banjanin; Costume Design: Rosalyn Browell; Original Music by Mike Ladouceur

Starring: Gemma Yates-Round (Gillian); Brendan Lyle (Jay); Justine Priestley (Lucy)

Storyline: An urbanite woman ventures to an eerie countryside mansion in search of her missing brother, who claims he is engaged to a young woman who lives at the property (Director & Cast attending)

16:00 'World Premiere' "THE JIM CROW HOLOCAUST" Drama (US) (32 min)

Written & Directed by Jacob Hayek; Produced by Jacob Hayek & Fadi Hayek; Cinematography: Arnold Scher & Fadi Hayek; Editing: Arnold Scher; Original Music: Cal Webb

Starring: Alex O’Neal (Jad); Samantha Deutsch (Nadine); Efraiem Hanna (Mahmoud); Eman Fustok (Chafika); Kate Surinskaya (Ariel)

Storyline: A Jewish girl shows a Muslim boy that he has a friend in a time where he is hated for being one (Director & Cast Attending)

16:40 'World Premiere' "EL MIRADOR" Love/Romance (Finland/Spain) (7:15 min)

Written, Directed, Produced and Editing by Antti Rautava; DP/cinematographer: Timo Nissi; Original Music: Teppo Nojonen

Starring: Ana Crespo; Antonio Rivas

Storyline: A romantic encounter of a guard and a paintress, who have different opinions about fate and football, but are forced to share the same picturesque mediterranean view. (Director attending)


Written, Directed by Kellyann Chippendale, Lars Vegas; Produced by Kellyann Chippendale; Rosana Golden; Dean Bentley and Hollywood television, film pioneer and peace activist, David Sheehan.

Storyline: This documentary encompasses great minds thinking alike with the resolve to take action to be the change they wanted to see in the world. Four women filmmakers from Los Angeles, CA set off to make their own film about acting, empathy and understanding instead of waiting for Hollywood to come to them, while a couple from France, who was so affected by 9/11, felt it was their mission to do something to instill peace giving life to non-violent films. From emerging, talented filmmakers around the world with similar visions, this festival has emerged as the only non-violent film festival in the world. Told from the actor/director point of view, this film takes you on a trip through the whole film making experience and the birth and life of Monaco Int'l Film Festival Angel Film Awards in its 14th year.. All of their journeys led to this collaboration of a Hollywood dream to show what you can do to encourage others and actually being the change you wish to see in the world (Director and Producers attending)

17:00 INTERVALtime to get dressed up and ready for the evening screening


20:30 'World Premiere' "NATURE AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS: FROM FOUR POEMS" Feature Documentary Film (Japan) (50 min)

Directed & Produced by Takamasa Iwasaki; DP/Cinematography by:Takamasa Iwasaki; Sebastian Arlamovsky; Simon Graf; Sound: Takamasa Iwasaki; Cast: Nikolaus Geyrhalter; Chung Chu-ha; Keiji Tsuyuguchi; Yuki Kikuchi; Kiyoe Kawazu; Kyonshiku So; ARTS AID TOHOKU

Storyline: The film focuses on scenes of disaster-struck areas in Fukushima. Austrian filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Korean photographer Chung Chu-Ha and Keiji Tsuyuguchi from Japan capture Fukushima in their work all with a different view & awareness of the current problem, they have chosen Fukushima as a common place to work and create (Director& Cast attending)

21:30 'World Premiere' "TOKYO BOYS COLLECTION episode1" Love Story (Japan) (85 min)

Directed & Produced by Kazuhiro Teranishi & Mariko Hayakawa; Written & Edited by Kazuhiro Teranishi, Ikki Nishimura; DP/Cinematographer: Kazuhiro Teranishi & Takehiko Tamiya; Music Composer: Tomoaki Yamatani

Starring: Nishimura Ikki (as Ikki); Nagao Mariya (Risa); Kimura Kaori (Beautician 1); Kimura Saori (Beautician 2) (Director, Cast and Crew attending)

Storyline: A film based on a true love story

Ikki Namikaze is a heart-throb ace pitcher his dream is to play at the national baseball tournament. His mother suddenly diagnosed with leukemia Ikki quits the baseball team to work and take care of his mother and the hospital bills, angry over his dad who spent his life trying to become a musician, at the expense of his family. Tormented by this he meets in high school the pop singer Risa, finding out Risa was his first love when he was a little boy. Risa is working hard to realize her dreams while Ikki has given up his dreams. With encouragement from his bed-ridden mother, Ikki decides to enter the world of show business to audition for the fashion spectacular “Tokyo Boys Collection” to sing the song his father sung to his mother when he proposed to her. Will this be the first step towards his new dream...

23:00 'HOLD ON TO LOVE JAPAN NIGHT ...' A Film Industry party At prestigious ‘Pacific Lounge Club’ Monte Carlo – music powered by the Glamour Twins... till late!

Exclusively for VIP and Press Pass holders only