2017 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




I was born in England then taken to the US at a young age travelling a great deal. My experience of the world has been different to the norm. Maybe this is why I have never been able to follow a predictable path. In my late teens I became a mural artist in Switzerland. Not wishing to be an insecure ageing artist I returned to England and became a qualified accountant ending up a hybrid in IT & design. I was going mainstream although at the same time I was still painting, doing stand up comedy, improvisation, writing and cartoons. I could not leave the artistic side of me. Exiting my career at the top enabled me to concentrate on my many interests. Writing is very much in the forefront of my passions. I have written and directed two award winning short movies. My book, Lines - An Anthology, which is mainly poetry together with images of my paintings, the painting process and my thoughts are directly linked, has also been published. My first novel, Continuum, is in its final stages before publication. Moving to France was always an objective. I have a passion for the lifestyle particularly where I now live and follow my interests which is Nice on the beautiful Cote d'Azur.


LOGLINE: (Genre: Black/Comedy)

“Frank - a guy obsessed by the dark then finding the light ....”

Short Synopsis:

Frank is a lazy young guy obsessed with the dark shadowy side of life. He gets involved with the very cute young prostitute Pinky. One day Frank finds the light side when he meets 'the one', Zarah a very comely natural girl.


Frank is obsessed with the dark side of life, the shadowy nighttime world of streetwalkers. He is the lazy work shy and woman shy son of a hard working immigrant father. Frank's father is doing his utmost to get the money together for Frank so he can go to college. Even though Frank is now a little old for college Frank's father wants Frank to have a good future.

Frank is hooked on the nighttime world and watches the girls from the security of his a car - a constant voyeur. One night Pinky, a cute young prostitute, approaches Frank who is sitting as usual in his car. Frank is attracted to the outgoing and funny Pinky feeling secure enough to come out of his shell. They meet often. To finance his 'affair' with Pinky Frank has started to steal money from his father.

While he is out jogging in the park Frank sees a girl sitting reading on a bench. He sees the girl several times. One day he gets up the courage to stop and talk to her. She is lovely, warm and gentle. Her name is Zarah. Although he is still seeing Pinky, Frank starts to see Zarah taking her out for meals. Frank's father tricks Frank into admitting that he is stealing from him. Frank confesses using Zarah as the reason. Frank takes Zarah to meet his father.

Frank says goodbye to Pinky and the dark side. Frank and Zarah become a couple. Then ...