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Robbie Moffat born in Glasgow, educated at Sir John Maxwell Primary and Shawlands Academy. He earned a degree in English Language and Literature from Newcastle University. Robbie is a poet, novelist, playwright, screenwriter - director of theatre and screen - movie producer.

Robbie has been writing since he was a teenager, first poetry, then novels, then plays, and ultimately screenplays. He has published and directed much of his own work. Robbie Moffat has also written novels.

His first movie was 35mm shoestring budget Love The One You're With which was nominated for best Scottish Film 2000. Thereafter his output has been prolific with no-budget adventure films like the Winter Warrior, Bone Hunter and Axe Raiders, and contemporary features Hawk and the Dove, Finding Fortune, Rain Dogs and Cycle.

Championed independent Scottish film production, he found himself drawn into battles over Scottish Screen's alleged nepotism and favoritism that, after a bloody political battle that at times Moffat fought seemingly single-handed, made him something of a local legend in Scottish film production circles. Moffat famously refused to abuse his position after the board of Scottish Screen were replaced, and continued with independent funding of his feature output that included a 35mm bio-pic of Robert Burns'- Red Rose.

After making ten Scottish features in six years, Moffat moved his company to Pinewood Studios with his co-producer Mairi Sutherland, and made a further eighteen feature films.

With his fighting spirit and his thinking mind, Moffat has a thriving career as a producer. We expect to see a lot more of his work in the coming years.

His work as a screenwriter, director and producer is linked to his own company history



2016 OH MY GOD* Palm Tree Universal 97 min
2013 HECKLE* Palm Tree Universal 96 min
2013 THIRD FALCON* Palm Tree Universal 91 min
2012 I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING* Palm Tree Universal 93 min
2012 NUMBER RUNNER* Palm Tree Universal 89 min
2011 GOING GREEN Palm Tree Universal 90 min
2011 VILLAINS* Palm Tree Universal 105 min
2011 NUDES IN TARTAN* Palm Tree Ents 98 min
2010 CRAB ISLAND* Palm Tree Ents 90 min
2010 FINGERS IN THE WATER* Moffat Sutherland Pics 87 min
2010 BEAST IN THE BASEMENT* Palm Tree Ents 92 min
2009 STONE SEEKER Palm Tree Ents 90 min
2009 GOT TO RUN* Laird 107 min
2008 DEEP LIES Palm Tree Ents 88 min
2008 PHOTOSHOOT Palm Tree Ents 92 min
2008 SISTERS GRIMM* Palm Tree Ents 92 min
2007 SEVEN CROSSES* Moffat Sutherland Pics 87 min
2007 INSIDE OUT* Palm Tree Ents 93 min
2006 DARK SIDE OF HEAVEN* Moffat Sutherland Pics 92 min
2005 AXE RAIDERS* Moffat Sutherland Pics 94 min
2005 CYCLE* Moffat Sutherland Pics 92 min
2004 RAIN DOGS* Moffat Sutherland Pics 96 mins
2003 RED ROSE* Palm Tree UK 106 min
2003 THE BONE HUNTER* Palm Tree UK 103 min
2002 FINDING FORTUNE* Palm Tree UK 108 min
2002 WINTER WARRIOR* Palm Tree UK 94 min
2001 THE HAWK and THE DOVE* Palm Tree UK 93 min
2001 LOST IN THE LANDSCAPE* Palm Tree UK 93 min
2000 LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH* Palm Tree Prods 92 min

Robbie Moffat - Screenwriter and Playwright

1995-2017 Features (scripts)

Glasgow Girls (1995), Red Diaries (1996), Nocturn (1997), Noblesse Oblige (1997), Seduction (1998), Love The One You're With (1999) Voyage of Dreams (1999), Lost in the Landscape (2001) The Hawk and The Dove (2001), Winter Warrior (2002) Finding Fortune (2002) The Bone Hunter (2003), Rain Dogs (2004), Cycle (2005), Axe Raiders (2005), Dark Side of Heaven (2006), Inside Out (2007), Seven Crosses (2007), Sisters Grimm (2008), Got To Run (2009), Stone Seeker (2009), Beast In The Basement (2010), Fingers In The Water (2010), Crab Island (2010), Nudes In Tartan (2011), Villains (2011), I Know What I’m Doing (2012), Third Falcon (2012), Blackbirds (2013), Great Getaway (2015), Oh My God (2016), Nelley (2017), Skeleton Road (2017), Sea Dogs (2017)

1987-1998 Shorts (shot

Across the Divide (1987), Our Man in Tirana (1995), Lally Land (1996), The Bedsitters (1997), Away From Home (1998)

Staged Work



Heatwave Lovers (Red Banana 1984), Lally Land (Red Banana 1984), Crabs (Tin Can 1986), Up From Sauchiehall Street (Jigjag 1989), Glasgow Girls (Jigjag 1990), James 1 (E.Kilbride U.W., 1991)


A Northern Country Girl (Sheepdog 1987), Madam T (Jigjag 1989), Frog (Newcastle Fringe 1984, Jigjag 1990), North-South Divide (Gog 1987), Speechless (Palm Tree, 2006)


What Do You See At The End Of The Rainbow (Children's World 1987), Little Boy Santa Claus Forgot (Puppetstuff 1990), The Witch Who Stole The Fireworks (Puppetstuff 1991), Who Needs Videos (Puppetstuff 1992), Yell (Puppetstuff 1993), Who Do You Tell (Puppetstuff 1993), The Boy Who Doesn't Do As He's Told (Puppetstuff 1994)


LOGLINE: (Genre: Romantic Comedy)

Led by Captain Wolf, the pirates of the Mediterranean endure slavery, kidnapping and stealing to make a living.


1672. Off the coast of Greece, a band of former slaves led by Captain Peter Wolf and his first mate Monastir, mutiny against their slaver Captain Annetti, and seize a Venetian ship called the Salty Dog carrying a cargo of salt. They force Annetti and the Venetian captain Ivanich to walk the plank, and are rid of them. They decide to sell the salt in Cyprus and take their freedom as privateers under the flag of Tunis.

Onboard is the Bavarian ship owner's daughter, Sissy Ortenburg, haughty and spoiled, who rebuffs Wolf as a pirate. They sail for Cyprus where Sissy becomes an object of desire for the Governor of Famagusta who kidnaps her, imprisons the crew of the Salty Dog, and steals its cargo.

Breaking out of prison, Wolf and his men free Sissy but kill the Governor in the process. As they flee for Tunis, Annetti and Ivanich (who is in love witth Sissy), rescued by fisherman, arrive in Famagusta and cheat a captain of his ship and crew, then give chase to the Salty Dog.

In Tunis, Sissy is sold to the deputy Pasha Uzan Bali in the market to buy provisions for the Salty Dog's crew, but Wolf relents, and plots to break into the Pasha's palace and steal her back. However, the Pasha is kept hostage by Bali, and arrests Wolf and Monastir and sends them to work on a chain gang. Meanwhile Annetti and Ivanich show up and demand an audience with the Pasha. They are re-joined with Sissy, but Bali has Sissy serve poisoned food to the Pasha who dies and is replaced by Bali.

Wolf and Monastir once more escape and try to rescue Sissy, but they are re-arrested and sentenced to hang with Annetti and Ivanich who are double crossed by Bali. On the scaffold, the salty Dog's crew stage a bombardment of the palace, kill Bali, free Wolf and Monastir, but steal the Pasha's treasure. Annetti and Ivanich escape to their ship with Sissy, Wolf and Monastir, escape on horses pursued by the palace guard. Cornered, they negotiate a truce and back the senior officer of the guard as the new Pasha in exchange for commanding the Tunis fleet and returning the Pasha's gold.

In a final showdown with Annetti and Ivanich at sea, the crew of the Salty Dog take Annetti's ship and again make him and Ivanich walk the plank. Wolf is reunited with Sissy and they sail into the sunset.

Member of the Director's UK, and BAFTA