2018 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Experience as a Writer/Director/Producer:

Claudia Dapiran Writer, Director and Producer of the film “Wonderful World”: a digital short film shot in the Maltese Islands, spring 2018.

Writer, Director and Producer of the film “The Witch”: a short film, genre fantasy, shot in Super 16 in Dublin, spring 2004. “The Witch” was one of the winners of Anteprima Spazio Torino, during the Turin International Film Festival.

It was also a winner in the Independent Shorts Awards in the Best Fantasy category and it was screened at the Galway Film Festival, Foyle Film Festival and the Short Film Corner in Cannes.

Attended in Ireland:

“Graphic Design and Art Direction in the Film Industry”, “The Director Journey” with Mark Travis, “Film Finance Seminar” and “Music and Film Master class” organized by Screen Training Ireland.

“The Real Deal: Exploring the Challenges of Producers”, organized by the Galway Film Fair (Film and Television Market).

“12 Weeks Writer/Director Workshop”, “Intensive 6 Days Workshop on Film Making”, “Directing for Film”, “Being an Independent Producer” and “Film Production with Michael Wiese”, all attended at the Irish Film Institute.

“Marketing for Film & Television”, organized by The Northern Ireland Film Commission.

A series of Film Productions Seminars presented by Film Base about the role of: Director, Production Manager, Assistant Director, Make Up and Hair, Costume Designer, Art Department, Props, Editing and Continuity.

Completed the “Foundation Year”, “How to create a Play out of nothing”, “Acting Improvisation” and “Film Making” at the Gaiety School of Acting.

Attended In Italy and France:

“Dietro le Quinte: From the idea of the Film to the projection in the Cinema”,

7 Workshops on the film Making process, organized by OffiCine, IED and Anteo Spazio Cinema in Milan, spring 2018.

“European Film Crossing Borders”: Promotion of European Cinema on European Festivals and Markets, organized during the Cannes Film Festival, spring 2004.

Other Related Courses and Skills:

“Fashion Design” at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

“Interior Design” at the Dublin Institute of Design.

Experience as an Actress and Extra in several Film and Television programs.

Several years experience as a Graphic Designer and Printing Consultant.

“ALCHEMY” A Feature Screenplay written by Claudia Dapiran (Italy/Ireland)

LOGLINE: (Genre: Romance)

Like in the process of Alchemy, where through the colorful phases Lead is transformed into Gold, a woman goes through her transformation.

She meets a charming man on the train who becomes the catalyst for her physical and spiritual journey.


LILLY is an Italian fashion designer in her mid thirties. She has a successful job, a smart boyfriend and lives in a stylish apartment, yet she is conscious of being somehow unsatisfied with her life.

A chance meeting on a train with a man named HERMES, who seems to understand her better than her boyfriend does, attracts her interest, but she soon has other things to think about when, in quick succession, she splits up with her boyfriend, she loses her apartment and work becomes increasingly stressful.

In the meantime, a scene of an Alchemist reading from an ancient book and preparing to begin his Work, suggests that there is a magical element to the story and that somebody could be watching over Lilly.

The sense of magic in the story strengthens when she meets Hermes again and he takes her to a strange party in a gothic villa. The attraction between the two deepens, but he leaves her to go to Ireland. Even though she is irritated by his elusive behavior, he has already sparked something inside her.

The desire to find him again makes her undertake her alchemical journey, a path of transformation and purification of the soul. She is metaphorically the base metal, which has to be turned into gold. The alchemical and the physical journeys become one.

Through different situations, that represent the phases of the alchemical process, Lilly travels to several locations, including Ireland, Malta and Prague to look for Hermes. She meets different characters, some who help her and some who challenge her, but in the end she completes her transformation. She also reconnects with Hermes and discovers his real identity.

Lilly goes back to Italy and organizes a fashion show that visually represents the different colourful phases of the alchemical process and she finally realizes what the real Gold of the Alchemists is.