2020 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Official Jury Member EUN OH

International Director, Writer, Producer, Composer & Editor

Born in Seoul, Republic of Korea and began her career (age 10) as a model and an actress in her childhood. She appeared in well-known TV dramas as well as theatres.

Eun got her breakthrough as one of the youngest director (age 17) in the Korean theater such plays as ‘Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid)’ and ‘Offending the Audience’ before entering the filmmaking world.

Eun moved to New York, USA and awarded a scholarship of B.F.A. with honors in major of Film and television at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. After completing her education, she works as a producer, director, writer, editor, cinematographer, production designer and composer, embracing all genre of features, shorts, and documentaries.

Her first short film, ‘A Sunny Day’ that she made in her early days (age 18), as a director, writer, producer, composer & editor, was invited to screen in the official selection of the international film festivals such as 28th Asian American International Film Festival and made her head lines on the Korean newspapers as ‘Genius from the East’.

Her shorts, ‘De-Flower’, ‘A Butterfly in My Stomach’, ‘Ohnaya’, ‘Take 1 about wanted’, were shown in the domestic and international gallery, theatre, fashion show, etc., and her original music scores, ‘A Lost Siren’, ‘Non Echo’ were played as the theme song of Fusion Film Festival and in underground concerts. She has continued working with a variety of media forming a new-style of moving-images in New York, Asia and Europe.

Eun worked as DP for PBS, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, and did art direction and props master for Bravo film & Video, NY. Eun was an editor, original score writer & composer for music narration, sound designer, associated producer for the international award winning documentary ‘De-construction of Korean housewife’ and it was invited for the opening screening of the 1st EBS international film festival. Eun worked as DP for the art film ‘Spheroid Memories’ by Angel Orensanz Foundation in USA and the film was invited in the opening screening for the Austria Art Biennale. Eun was the first Asian filmmaker who got the official permission from New York City to enter and make a film in the ground zero after 911.

In year of 2009, Eun wrote and directed her first experimental film, a fantasy adventure called ‘Color Zoo’. In film, Eun performed as a main role, director, writer, producer, editor, cinematographer, production designer, choreographer, costume designer, and sound designer. The film was a narrative designed in collaboration with international acclaimed performers, sculptors, painters and projected on multiple screens, layers, and surfaces for the media art circus, spearheading the ‘movie-world’ bridging to the ‘show-world’. It was exhibited in art galleries in the heart of Paris, Berlin, and Seoul.

In 2010, Eun returned to the Republic of Korea and works for the Samsung group as a director and trainer for the fresh men’s orientation program and made a short film, music video, and documentary. In year of 2012, Eun made a short film and music video ‘Soleil Noir’ in Avant-garde film style of ‘Fantasie-Impromptu’ for GS group. It was all made in improvisation and inspiration with her own poem, produced only in three days. It made the opening screening for the fashion show.

Eun founded her own production company, ARK Cinema corp. in 2014.

In Year of 2015, Eun made a trip to China by herself, seeking for the investment for her film. There was no one she knew by that time in China moreover she only had one filmmaker’s telephone book from Cannes Film Festival and her scripts inside her bag. Eun knocked doors for Chinese major production companies until it opens, even though everyone said it’s impossible mission to make it by her own. Finally, she found one finest company and reached a triumphant agreement for the international co-production between the Republic of Korea and China with her original screenplay of the Fantasy film, ‘The Night Man’. Her successful story made numerous headlines and topics for the Korean film society.

Now, Eun has been preparing to direct an international commercial feature film. Eun wrote 37 original stories and 11 different screenplays, in all diverse genres.

One is ‘Land of the Morning Calm’ for the epic historical adventure genre with her own screenplay. It is an original and visionary cinema, based on a true story about a British journalist’s mission in Korea during early 1900’s. The leading actors of global recognition and international producers are also joining this project that will be set in the Republic of Korea and in the United Kingdom.

Another is ‘Full Moon’ for the fantasy and science fiction with her own screenplay, heading toward the stage of pre-production. It is a unique and creative story about a man’s mysterious journey on the moon. It will gather international leading actors, crews, and new technique for the first moon project in Asia. Furthermore, her original story and drawings will be published as a novel in 2020.

It marks an auspious beginning for Eun as she is universally the next generation director for the international style of filmmaking. She is a pioneer filmmaker who keep pushing the lines of the limit and the impossible. Eun is always passionate and creative to make her own way for ‘dream & make a dream.’