2020 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Winner of multiple international awards, Chandradeep Das has assisted his father, Anjan Das, who was an eminent National award-winning Bengali filmmaker, in his last 3 internationally acclaimed features namely Achin Pakhi, Bedeni, and Banshiwala. He was a co-writer and an associate director in his Dad's last film Ajana Batas, which had its world premiere at International Film Festival of India, 2013 under the Indian Panorama section.

He made his first independent short film titled Disarray in 2012 at the age of 22. The film went on to win 8 international awards at various premier film festivals and competitions including California, Mexico, London, etc. It was showcased at 18 international film festivals including Washington, Cinema City, Queensland, Portobello, etc. and had its International Premiere at Belgrade Film Festival 2012.

In 2017, he met Nikita Ivanenko, and together they started working on a huge project titled Dead Man’s Mound, a historical action drama set in 10th century Scandinavia. In the meantime, Chandradeep made his second short film titled Ek Poshla Rupkatha (In Loving Memory...). It was an Indo-Russian joint venture as Nikita produced the film. This was their first collaboration. Till date, the film has been awarded and screened at Nevada, Queensland, Kolkata, Bangladesh, Moscow, South Africa, Chicago, Canada International Film Festival, etc., and had its European Premiere at the AFA Monaco International Film Festival where it won 2 awards.

Created by Nikita Ivanenko, Dead Man’s Mound is a multimillion budgeted film which is now in pre-production with a Hollywood cast and crew, boasting some of the big names in the industry. There’s a lot of buzz around the film as it’s going to be an authentic Viking saga with everything from weapons to apparels created in harmony with the period, without conforming to mainstream demands. The film is scheduled to be shot next winter.

As the film is gaining traction day by day, Chandradeep and Nikita collaborated on another short film titled The Red Cap, which has just been wrapped up and has been selected to be presented at festivals worldwide by renowned Spanish distributor Promofest. The film had its World Premiere at Oaxaca FilmFest 2019 in Mexico.

Chandradeep is also currently developing a Bengali period horror-mystery drama which was supposed to be made by his father and another ambitious project with Nikita, a biopic of a famous Russian writer.

Apart from making films, Chandradeep is a B.Com graduate and a teacher of English, Accountancy, and Economics with more than 10 years of experience. In his pastime, he loves reading and writing poetry, for which he has won international accolades from the UK.


LOGLINE: (Genre: Short Screenplay – Thriller / Drama Noir)

An old woman invites a girl and a boy for dinner and plans to poison them, an outrageous act that might stem from a haunted past which maimed her life forever.


An old woman invites her new tenants, a brother-sister duo, for a lavish dinner. However, she secretly plans to carry out an outrageous act of poisoning them. The three of them have a nice time throughout the night playing, laughing, and savouring the lovely treat which the old woman prepared. In the morning, she reminisces an incident from the past, which maimed her life forever. As an adolescent, she was raped by a man inside a barn in the countryside. The man had a hideous birthmark on his face and was wearing a red cap.

In another room, the sister and her brother are lying motionless on the bed. Years of agony, trauma, and anguish have confined the old woman to a reclusive life. What suddenly triggered such a grisly idea? Will she be able to carry it out eventually?