2020 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards




Teranishi born in Japan 1979 he graduated at the law department of Keio University.

Teranishi made his acting debut at age three and became the youngest ever CEO of a talent agency at age 24. This polymath is also the producer for the popular singer, Chiyoko Shimakura, the editor of the magazine Men’s Book, and author of the best-selling novels “Arigatou Makiko-san”, “Cross Sense”, “Shinjuku Midnight Baby”, and “Joyuu”, as well as “Mariko”, the world’s first digitally distributed serial novel. Teranishi made his directorial debut with “Joyuu” starring Ryoko Nakano in 2012, which allowed him to walk on the red carpet at both the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival and the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival. Alongside all his other work, Teranishi also co-produces the “Tokyo Boys Collection”, one of Japan’s biggest events for music and men’s fashion and its held at the Nippon Budoukan. The film “Tokyo –The City of Glass“ and “Shinjuku Midnight Baby” were both selected as entries at the 38th and 39th Montreal World Film Festival Focus on World Cinema Program. The film “Tokyo Boys Collection episode 1” was selected by AFA - Monaco International Film Festival 2016 and it selected as The Best Angel Film Award 2016 and short film “NAOKI~Time is Life” was selected by AFA-Monaco International Film Festival 2017 and got the special mention award and the best original story award.

Teranishi’s latest film “TOKYO24” have been selected at the AFA-MIFF.


LOGLINE: (Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy)) - We can notice something important only after we lose it.

This Screenplay and Movie is a spin-off of the TOKYO24 series.
Tokyo in 2025.


To make human's life more convenient, AI robots were popular in the world.
One day, a dead man revived as an AI robot.
Life is naturally limited and that is what a human being is.
What future is waiting from us?
What is your justice?
Us or ego?


Tokyo in 2025, the importance of convenience, speed, and accuracy was emphasized, and the spread of artificial intelligence in every fields.

One day, Haruhiko Goto (starring: Yusuke Yamamoto) and his junior detective Tsuyoshi Tojo (starring: Yuma Teranishi) are facing a lonely corpse.

Goto was an excellent criminal detective, but had lost his mother in the past with lonely death. He was one of the people who noticed the thankfulness and greatness of once family after losing them.

"Even if you make a mistake, if you work hard, if you get over it, we cannot bring back the past," says Professor Sakakibara (staring by Shingo Kazami) and Goto had sympathy with him, although Sakakibara was one of the person who hated the spread of artificial intelligence, and this caused antipathy by many people, of this reason special investigator, Ando (staring by Gyuri) was guarding him at all times..

AI robots have no mind, but are more accurate than humans.

What will happen to the world if a deceased human can be revived as an AI robot?

When Tojo gets involved in the incident and dies after that, he had revived as an AI robot and he faced with Goto ...