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“PUT A PRICE ON EMOTION” Written by Giuseppe De Vuono (Italy)


Giuseppe inspired by his father who told him stories about fantastic and mythological worlds— Giuseppe’s love for writing spawned from a need to continue to live those enchanted worlds and to let others know them. In 2004 he graduated from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan in Foreign Languages and Literatures. He obtained a scholarship that allowed him to participate in the Erasmus project and spend a year in Spain. He currently works as a Customer Success Specialist at an American multinational. He attended several screenwriting and directing courses and in 2020 he composed and wrote his first screenplay, Put A Price On Emotion.

“PUT A PRICE ON EMOTION” Written by Giuseppe De Vuono (Italy)

LOGLINE: (Genre: Thriller)

A charismatic artist, unable to achieve the fame he craves, takes the risky path of stealing his enemy's identity.


Lennon Harris is an ambitious and full of hope artist, who wants to gain fame at all costs. He forms a band with his girlfriend (Veronica) and a bunch of friends. He manages to sign a distribution contract with Jessica, who secretly has an affair with him. Things go wrong very quickly, when Lennon, commits a crime being under the influence of cocaine. He has to deal with a depressive state of mind and his father, after covering up the affair, suggests that he move to New York. Demons of the past find him and Lennon must make amends before someone on his trail finds out.


Lennon Harris is an ambitious and full of hope musician. He forms a band with his girlfriend, Veronica and a bunch of friends.

One day he meets Jessica. The girl works for a big record company. Lennon invites her to the live concert of his band. Jessica decides to collaborate with them, but after some weeks she informs Lennon that their demos are horrible and wants to offer the record deal to another band, that of Eitan White. Lennon is full of anger. Jessica goes to Lennon’s house to apologize. She seduces him and the two make love. A month later Jessica calls Lennon telling him that she is pregnant. Lennon refuses to leave Veronica and Jessica promises him revenge.

At Halloween night, Jessica is in the company of Eitan, who has his face covered by a strange mask that represents a face broken into many pieces. She tells him that she has decided to make him sign the record deal. Lennon sees Jessica shaking Eitan’s hand. He goes to the bath and snorts cocaine. When comes back near the stage he sees Eitan and Veronica talking. He beats Eitan and believes him dead.

The police arrest him. Eric’s father manages to get him released from prison. A few months later, Lennon must deal with a depressive state of mind and tries to commit suicide. His father suggests that he move to New York. Lennon goes to the tourist office and he is stalked by a mysterious investigator, who discovers his new destination.

Lennon lands in New York and takes a taxi to his new apartment. Eitan exits the building and heads towards Lennon. Eitan’s facial features are different from those of the past. Lennon doesn’t recognize him. After a few months they begin to bond and soon the two become friends. Lennon gives Eitan a saxophone for his birthday. Eitan composes a song dedicated to Veronica, called "PUT A PRICE ON EMOTION".

One night, Lennon and Eitan come back home together with some friends and they exchange documents for fun. They start fighting and Eitan reveals his identity to Lennon. Lennon destroyed by grief decides to set himself on fire. Eitan manages to save him and escape the fire. The firefighters save Lennon. Then he is taken to the hospital and the doctors contact Eitan’s father, who, believing he is the son, asks them to reconstruct his face like the one in the photo on the documents. Lennon wakes up and realizes that his face is the same as Eitan’s.

Lennon comes back to London and meets Veronica and his friend Alan. He tells them he would like to play in a band. A photograph slips out and falls from a binder to the ground. Alan wants to know how he gets a photo of them with Lennon. Lennon confesses everything. Jessica arrives at the Pub to talk to the band and she too discovers that Eitan is Lennon, who did not die in the fire in New York. Jessica confesses to Veronica and Lennon that her son is Lennon’s son. Lennon reveals to them that the song was not written by him but by Eitan for Veronica.

One year later, Veronica and Alan’s band became famous thanks to the song written by Eitan. They get ready for a big concert. Before the concert begins, Eitan, with his face covered by a strange mask, enters Veronica’s office. He reveals his identity and his love for her. In the middle of the audience Lennon attends the concert. Then he leaves the pub and goes towards the road where Jessica his waiting for him, together with his son.