The 18th Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

The International Jury Board announce the Winners Sunday December 12, 2021

Feature Film - Winning Categories:

The US film “TWOTWO” wins four awards: Best Feature Film; Best Female Actor: Morgan Makana; Best Original Music Score: Jun & Husky Hoskulds; Best Visual Effects: Mark Larranaga

Winner the US actress Morgan Makana known for TwoTwo, Shadows on the Road and My Alien Girlfriend.
Movie is about loneliness in a big city…some encounters have a good ending…a fantasy film-romantic drama, and a metaphor about life’s purpose, connecting, spirituality, love, creativity, parallel universes, and the unseen presence of a power always watching. It recreates an atmosphere of multidimensional reality to which the protagonists have access due to various crossroads and that changes their lives as they conceive it.

The Belgian film “ADAM & EVE” wins four awards: The Independent Spirit Award; Best Male Actor: Bob De Moore; Best Male Supporting Actor: Marijus De Valck; Best Female Supporting Actor: Annabelle Van Maderghem

The French film “A FISHY BUSINESS IN SAINT PIERRE ET MIQUELON” wins 3 awards: Best Production Design: Emmanuel Reveillére; Best Costume : Delphine Poiraut; Best Soundmix: Mathieu Gauriat & Celine Mauge

The Bulgarian film “ASHES OVER THE SUN” wins three awards: Best Director: Bogomil Kalinov; Best Producer: Kalinov Brothers; Best Film Editing: Donka Ivanova

The Japanese film “SHE Q” wins two awards: Best Cinematographer: Daichi Mikasa & Tomoaki Yanai; Best Feature Film Script: Tomoaki Yanai

The Cuban/Italian film “LA MACHETERA” wins two awards: Best Ensemble Cast: Esnedy Milán Herrera, Alexey Fuentes Gusmán, Dennis Pérez Ramírez, Liusmila Díaz Río, Luis Ricardo Faura; Best Original Music: Carlos Telles Espino, Marco Lo Russo
Movie is inspired by true events that happened in 1978 in Cuba. To all the amazons of yesterday and today, brave who fought for women's emancipation and equality between men and women."

Short Film - Winning Categories:

The Egyptian film “TUK TUK” wins five awards: Best Short Film; Best Producer: Sherine Alaa, Mohamed Kheidr; Best Female Actor: Elham Wagdi; Best Female Supporting Actor: Marie Guergess, Best Male Supporting Actor: Omar Rashed
Based on a true story:
After her husband abandoned her and illegally fled the country, Walaa's only way to secure income for her family was to drive a Tuk-tuk in a male dominated environment where women struggle. At the risk of being ridiculed, harassed and unaccepted while drowning in debt she embarks on a journey to fight for her livelihood. The film touches upon many needle moving topics like the struggles women face when they take on roles traditionally occupied by men. It also centers on the problem of Egyptian female debtors who go to jail for failing to pay back money they couldn’t afford not to borrow and many hot topics within the Egyptian society

The US film “JOYFUL” wins the prestigious award for Best Environmental Awareness: written, directed & produced by Simantini Chakraborty
This Film is dedicated to joy, hope and humanity. We live in a hectic and chaotic world that relentlessly stresses our planet, humans and animals alike. Joyful is a unique audio-visual exploration of finding joy in all the turmoil that surrounds us.

The US film “WILD IS THE SPRING” wins the prestigious Angel Peace Award: Adla Massoud and Best Cinematographer: Aaron R. Phillips

The Belgium film “MY NAME IS SALIHA” wins the important Humanitarian Angel Award
The story based on true events of the brave mother who became an activist against radicalization after she lost her son to recruitment to ISIS in Syria, and later ends up being killed by the very same organisation. The film highlights the first warning signs to look for when a young person becomes radicalized and is a personal story of how a mother tries to deal with the tragic loss of a son.

The French film “LOTUS” wins Best Inspirational Short Film

The Japanese film “SIMULACRUM” wins The Best Art House film of the festival

The US film “A TALE OF THREE TREES” wins two awards Best Male Narrator: Mark Nicolosi; Best Visual Effects: Jadon Barnes

The Slovakian film “THE SILENCE” wins three awards: Best Director: Juraj Stepka; Best Ensemble Cast: Michael Kubovcik, Ondrej Hraska, Michaela Majernikova; Best Costume Design

The UK film “REAPPEAR” wins Best Original Story- by Tommy Clarke

The Greek film “JUST LIKE WATER” wins The Independent Spirit short film award

The Japanese film “THE LIVING” wins three awards: Best Film Editing: Azuma Fujitani; Best Short Film Script: Azuma Fujitani; Best Production Design: Satoshi Nonogaki

The Azerbaijan/UK/US film “LEILA'S VIOLIN” wins Best Newcomer: Sofia Rosinsky

The Japanese film “20 dB SOUND STIMULUS” wins The Special Mention Award

The UK film “OUTLINES OF LOVE” wins Best Male Actor in short film: Ricardo Castro

The US film “OYATE UN ITOWAPI” wins Best Sports Documentary Award

The Hungarian film “I AM A GYPSY - AME a ROMA” wins Best Original Music by Zoi Florosz, Vadim Kolpakov