2023 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

President of Jury & Dame of Ceremonies ANTONELLA SALVUCCI

Italian International Actress, Producer, Director, TV Presenter and Model

Antonella Salvucci is an international female Actor she has worked in the US, India and in her native Italy. Antonella began her modeling career Italy and France, gracing the covers and pages of popular weekly and fashion magazines.

To cultivate her interest in acting, while still living in Rome, Salvucci enrolled in acting workshops directed by Lino Damiani, and master classes led by Anna Strasberg and Ivana Chubbuck. During this time, she focused on improving her English language performance abilities and subsequently moved for a short time to Los Angeles, California. There she deepened her studies of film and acting working and studying with the acting coach Bernard Hiller.

Arriving back to Italy, Salvucci was ready for the small screen and soon landed roles on a number of successful television dramas such as "The Marshal Rocca" and "Carabinieri".

The turning point of Salvucci's film career is when Italian film director Aurelio Grimaldi selected her to be the female lead in the movie "L'educazione sentimentale di Eugènie". Adapted from a novel by Marquis De Sade, she played the role of a noblewoman of the eighteenth century who was both sweet and devilish.

Her skill in interpreting acting roles has caught the attention for many well-known figures in the field of the entertainment industry. Having attained resounding success of his The Consequence of Love, Paolo Sorrentino, one of Italy’s finest directors, selected Salvucci for his movie The Family Friend. More roles soon followed in The Torturer directed by Lamberto Bava, "Red Riding Hood by Giacomo K. Cimini, The Night of the Sinner by Alessandro Perrella and starring Robert Englund, La rabbia by Louis Nero, and Marco Carlucci's Il punto rosso.

She played in the thriller "Midway, between life and death" directed by John Real, from that moment on She has started the artistic collaboration with the same director shooting with him another movie in English entitled "The Music Box" and the TV series called "Feel the dead".

Antonella appears as well in some American movies, shot in Italy, just like The Voice & the Diva directed by Michael Oblowitz, The American Connection by Jeff Espanol; "The Mission Possible" with John Savage directed by Brett Roberts and the TV series still in production "Enforcer" directed by Don Maxwell in which she is also the executive producer.

She has shot as protagonist in the US, a TV Pilot for the international television circuit entitled "Shelter" and directed by Carlos Bido. She was invited to India shooting TV commercial and promoting a film project.

Antonella has conquered theatre as well having starred in several comedy and musical productions, she is part of the successful TV show "I Delitti del Barlume 9".

Recently she has been shooting "Lamborghini - the legend" directed by the Oscar winning Bobby Moresco, and she did a cameo in the international film "Kid Santa" with Alec Baldwin directed by Francesco Cinquemani.

Antonella has finished shooting an international film with Danny de Vito and his daughter Lucy, directed by the great Peter Chelsom "Serendipity/Shall we dance", we see her as an expert horsewoman.

She is about to start a new film as a lead called "Il Console" by Luciano Silighini, a dramatic film with fantasy overtones and very current because it promotes women feminine power.

Antonella is also very involved on a social level fighting women's rights against violence in the "No violence project".

Antonella Salvucci's career is marked by her charming personality and captivating charisma which she maintains as her career continues to grow. Operating with high levels of professionalism and genuine commitment, she has the qualities that are hallmarks of a successful individual.