2023 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards

Official Jury Member Award Winning International Actor EFRAIEM HANNA

Efraiem Hanna was born in Cairo, Egypt, and in 2013 became USA citizen. Hanna has worked on International film production sites, as an actor he is highly skilled therefore he was selected by the legendary actor and producer Morgan Freeman in co – starring in the numerous award winning (People’s Choice Awards) TV Show "Madam Secretary".

Hanna is also known for his remarkable role on the big hit and Emmy Award TV show "Mr Robot", his talent and his co-star role alongside Emmy Award and Oscar Winner Rami Malek.

Currently he has the opportunity to play a supporting role in an international film shot in Amsterdam coming soon.

Efraiem Hanna won a couple of international festival awards for his lead role on "The Jim Crow Holocaust".

Efraiem is pleased to serve as a jury board member in this year’s 19th edition Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival... as the festival stands for "Non Violent Cinema" & Art this festival is a beacon of light in what is happening in the world today.