2023 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards



“O! DELICIOUS Written by EUN OH (South Korea)


Born in Seoul, Republic of Korea and began her career (age 10) as an actress in her childhood. She appeared in well-known TV dramas as well as theaters. Eun got her breakthrough as one of the youngest director (age 17) in the Korean theater history, directing such plays as ‘Le Malade Imaginaire’ and ‘Offending the Audience’ before entering the filmmaking world.

Eun moved to New York, USA and graduated with an honor scholarship for B.F.A. in major of Film and Television at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. After completing her education, Eun began her career working internationally as a producer, director, writer, editor, cinematographer, production designer and music composer, embracing all genre of features, shorts, and documentaries.

Eun’s first short film, ‘A Sunny Day’ that she has written and directed in her early days (age 18), was invited for the official competition in international film festivals, and her other shorts, ‘A Butterfly in My Stomach’, ‘The Zoo’, 'Soleil Noir' were shown in the domestic and international festivals, theatre, fashion show. Moreover, her original music, ‘A Lost Siren’, ‘Non Echo’ were played as the theme song of Fusion Film Festival and underground concerts in New York. Eun keeps making her own arts and films based on New York and Seoul.

Eun has since expanded working from acting, modeling in MTV, magazines, advertising, and independent films and adding experience in the commercial film/TV field, such as working as DP for PBS, The Metropolitan of Art, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, and art director, props master for Bravo Film & Video in NY. Eun edited an award winning documentary, ‘De-construction of Korean housewife’. For the film, Eun wrote and sang her original songs for music narration in Republic of Korea. It was invited for the opening screening of the 1st EBS international film festival. In 2002, Eun was the first filmmaker who got the official permission from New York City to enter and make a film in the ground zero after 911. The film, ‘Spheroid Memories’, by Angel Orensanz Foundation was screened for the opening of the 1st Austrian Biennale and Metropolitan Museum. In 2014 was invited as a jury member for the Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival.

In 2022, Eun started A-project, called 'A Portrait of Full Moon', to challenge herself to acting and directing for her film as a solo filmmaker. Her short films, 'Color Zoo', 'Wings of Spring', '9 Death to 1 Life', received 27 invitations, furthermore, Eun’s feature films, ‘A Flavor of Coffee’, 'A Scent of The Spring' have been selected and nominated for the best feature awards. It keeps receiving invitations to the official screening events and international competition awards for acclaimed international film festivals from all around the world. In 2023, Eun wrote a novel, 'Purple Romance'. It made an enormous hit and became the ranking top no. 1 novel in the majority of Korean website, NAVER.

“O! DELICIOUS Written by EUN OH (South Korea)

LOGLINE: (Genre: Black Comedy)

A Family receives an uninvited visitors into their life.


A billionaire, The Grandfather, who is the richest man in S. Korea, invites his family for a feast. When the Grandfather turns up dead, the feast becomes a carnival with wild animals.


In the fine dining restaurant, there is a private room. It starts with an invitation for the greatest feast. It runs total 90 minutes, with 10 different courses. The richest family in South Korea gathers and enjoys their luxury meal.

In the room, there are 15 people, Grandfather, Grandmother, First aunt, First uncle, Second aunt, Second uncle, Third aunt, The fiancé, The Husband, The Wife, Their son. 11 guests, all family members are. Plus, one General manager and two Severs (male, female) who work for the fine dining restaurant.

The family members are all beautiful and handsome. They behave finely, kindly, politely in the best manners with love and respect to each other. They seemed the happiest family in the world. Perfect!

However, as the second courses ‘Hot appetizer’ goes by to the end, the Grandfather who is a self-made billionaire, one of the richest man in South Korea, announces his last will for his fortune.

Sudden silence. His heir, to no one’s surprise – Family keeps calm and gentle. Maybe some family members felt joy, anger, or desperate at this moment but their facial expression with thick mask hide their real emotion. His heir respects the Grandfather’s will.

Knock, knock.

A door opens. His Daughter enters to the dining room. She was invited for the dinner. She is the one who ran away as a teen from the family house and disappeared. She is the first inheritor for the fortune since she is the only child of the eldest son who died 30 years ago. The first son was everything to the Grandfather.

Everyone falls in panic because of His Daughter’s appearance. She is the one! The family starts unveiling their real face and the thick mask of ‘happy family’ gets broken to pieces.

“The fine dining must go on!”

The General manager and servers deliver the next course. However, suddenly, the Grandfather starts chocking, his throat fills with blood, and asks help to death. But no one gets close to him. The Grandfather passes away in mystery.

Family members are horrified. But they want to keep silence of the Grandfather’s death to outside because of their interests, money, stocks, and reputations, etc. When the third fiancé brings up the possibility of the murder for Grandfather’s death, everyone starts pointing fingers to the others as murderer. The happy mealtime ends immediately and the battle begins by man’s tongue.

The obnoxious battle goes on endless but unsettled opinions concede with one’s odd proposal; Uncle says “Let's kill each other, and then the last family gets everything.” Very strange idea! But this family agrees to the idea. What a crazy family they are!

A door opens. The General Manager and servers deliver the new course. Which is.. Carnival!

Everyone gets their tools and prepares for the jumbo meal. First, Let’s eat! Let’s enjoy the meal. The last feast! Then, the carnival starts!

In a story that mixes mystery suspense, humor, sarcastic twist for the black comedy genre with remarkable characters, their lives lead us to full of surprise, joy, anger, sadness, and touching for taste of life. It is a new version of the classic rebirth.