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“IL BEL TENORE” (THE BEAUTIFUL TENOR) Written by Peter Hurwitz (US)


Peter Hurwitz resides in Rhode Island (USA) with his wife and 6 children. Based primarily on true events,

IL BEL TENORE is Peter’s first screenplay. He has held senior leadership and management roles for more than 35 years in the medical communications and healthcare fields. As an international healthcare journalist and press member for the past 15 years, he has conducted over 4,000 on-air scientific and expert interviews for a US healthcare television network. He is President of Clarity Science, an internationally recognized Clinical Research Organization (CRO), Executive Director of several non-profit entities with a focus in healthcare and veteran affairs, and is past CEO/Chairman Worldwide for several international healthcare Companies. He founded the International Medical Crisis Response Alliance (IMCRA) in 2011 to respond to the Japan nuclear disaster and provide needed medical education and information to healthcare providers in Fukushima and surrounding communities. IMCRA is currently under contract with several governments and The United Nations. Peter is also a reviewer for several peer-reviewed scientific Journals and is on the Board of Directors for several pharmaceutical Companies. He has authored several dozen scientific articles relating to pain management, diabetes, allergy, neuroscience, and many regarding artificial intelligence in medicine and for the past several years, he has worked closely with the United States White House Administrations and Congress on healthcare policy.

“IL BEL TENORE” (THE BEAUTIFUL TENOR) Written by Peter Hurwitz (US)

LOGLINE: (Genre: Drama)

A self-taught singer who moonlights as a rock and roll musician is in the right place and right time and has the rare opportunity to become a professional opera singer.


IL BEL TENORE (The Beautiful Tenor) tells the inspiring story of Federico, a paparazzo from Florence, who is in the right place at the right time and has the rare opportunity to become a professional opera singer. As a self-taught musician with no formal training who has never seriously considered it as a career, Federico battles his insecurities of self-doubt and success as he tries to adapt in his journey to becoming a trained singer. Taken under the wing of a famous Opera Director, Federico’s life takes a dramatic turn as his singing abilities develop and shine. Supported by his family, Federico becomes the ‘people’s hero,’ proving that someone who has natural talent and puts their heart and soul into something can succeed. Primarily based on true events.


It is 1997 and people across the globe are waking up to the tragic news about Princess Diana. Among many possible causes of the accident, it is being shared that the paparazzi may have been partially responsible as they chased after her for a photograph.

In Florence, Italy, another paparazzo, Federico, and his wife, Lia, are watching the horrible news on TV, while their young son, Enzo, plays with his toys. Federico and his friend, Salvatore, another paparazzo, continue to work their jobs throughout Florence, attempting to capture the perfect photograph in this very competitive and sometimes aggressive profession while trying to make ends meet. Looking toward the future with their young family, Lia wants Federico to find more stable job, especially after the recent news surrounding Diana. But Federico has been a photographer for so long that he doesn’t know what else he can do.

Starting in high school, Federico loved to listen to and learned how to sing rock and roll pretty well. He especially loved AC/DC, Led Zepplin, and the Rolling Stones. He became pretty good at knowing several songs and sings at various bars around Florence at open mic nights to great fanfare.

Marcello, a very prominent Italian music producer of various genres, including being an Opera Director, manages and works with several different types of singers, including Mary, an American singer/songwriter, and Vivia, an up-and-coming opera singer. After one of Vivia’s opera performances, Marcelo, by chance, happens to hear Federico singing at a local bar, and impressed by his voice, invites him to his studio to see if opera may be a possibility. He takes him under his wing, and after a significant amount of training over several months, which turn into years, Federico begins his journey as an international opera singer with resounding success.

And as Federico’s career blossoms despite his insecurities, he faces a major personal setback that threatens his international following and success. An inspiring story that is sure to leave the audience wishing for more as they cheer for Federico to overcome his struggles.