Monaco International Film Festival
Celebration of non violent films

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A Celebration of peace - love and the art of making movies... founded in 2003.

The Honorary AFA-MIFF President – since 2006 the award winning poet and rock-star ‘DONOVAN’ inducted to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

The Angel Film Awards may eschew violence but this is no hippy dippy affair. It attracts some important names from the music and film industry for its message and the elegant events with post screening VIP champagne networking receptions at some of the best hotels and clubs in Monaco and gaining it the reputation of the jewel in the crown of the film festival circuit.

The Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival is a non-profit, independent and non-governmental event. It is a well-established independent Art House Cinema event celebrating peace, love and movies!

The Angel Film Awards is the only film festival in the world that celebrates non-violent film!

The Angel film Awards – Monaco International Film Festival is held in the Principality of Monaco and known as an elegant and glitzy affair, gaining it the reputation of the jewel in the crown of the film festival circuit.

Since its creation in 2003, the festival has received immense media attention throughout the world, featuring on BBC World News; CNN, Channel 4 (UK); Canal Plus (France); CNN; RTL (Germany); Canal+; Porto Canal (Portugal); TV3 (New Zealand); TMC Monte Carlo and many more.

The Angel Film Awards is known for its elegant networking industry party events. Venues in the most glamorous surroundings at the Hotel Hermitage - Salle Belle Époque, Monte-Carlo Bay Resort, Salle Empire at Hotel de Paris and the Pacific Lounge.

Red carpet screenings take place at the new Art Novo Theatre & Press Lounge in the Novotel & the Gala Awards Night Celebration takes place at the Monte Carlo the Art Novo Theatre Built on the site of the old Radio Monte Carlo building, the Novotel provides state of the art projection facilities.

The festival is attended by seasoned industry professionals and distinguished guests. There are the usual press corps and interview sessions for film directors and film professionals.

A specific nomination for screenplay writers from around the world to submit their work (script) to the annual Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival - screenplay competition!

The Festival (AFA-MIFF) founders Rosana Golden (festival executive director & festival artistic director) and Dean Bentley (festival executive producer – director of programming), their goal and purpose to showcase non-violent films in a world that is too often dominated by violence.

Meeting point - Monte Carlo, the sunny exclusive Mediterranean location a safe-haven for the rich and famous!

ANGEL FILM AWARDS PROTOCOL with the annual attendance of VIP Guest, Celebrities, Socialites, Film Industry Members attending the three day & evening extravaganza red carpet opening press & photo call, red carpet premiere daytime and evening screening events, post VIP film networking parties, and hosted live stage awards night celebration followed by champagne film industry party till the early hours.

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