Monaco International Film Festival


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Dear Rosana,

It was a pleasure speaking with you last week. The work you are doing for the Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival looks incredible. I applaud your work and wish you much success in this amazing event.

Sherry Lansing, Los Angeles

Dear Rosana and Dean,

"Awarding the best of non-violent cinema at the Monaco International Film Festival in the peaceful and elegant jewel of a city, Monte Carlo, has been a truly beautiful and significant event in the world of film.
The Angel Awards come straight from Heaven.

Prof. Karl Bardosh
President of the Jury
The Angel Film Awards
Monaco International Film Festival-2010"

Wishing you a great New Year,


Dear Rosana and Dean.

I would like to start by simply saying, 'fantastique', what a wonderful way to spend the weekend with people from around the globe who all share the same passions and beliefs about making great, positive films that ultimately engage there audiences in such a truly amazing way. Your whole team in Monaco were so caring and kind towards us and all the other festival attendees, thank you so much. We at Emerald Sky Films believe that this festival is a great platform for any film maker whether experienced or novice, it allows people to showcase there talents in such a positive and relaxed way that puts the audience and the filmmaker at total ease. I am just so pleased that our film 'All the way Up connected with everyone and I'm proud to say that the awards we won, will be taking centre stage in my life's achievements for a very long time. With the most heart felt thanks.

Ben Sweet
Producer - Emerald Sky Films, UK

Rosana and Dean,

Thank you for holding such an amazing festival. I'm honored to have been a part of it. You brought together extraordinary people from around the globe who share a common social message and passion for film. With such an array of talent it's no surprise that the screenings were incredible and with such personalities it's no surprise that the after-parties were so much fun. Everyone from the filmmakers and actors in attendance to the judges, organizers, entertainment, and photographers shared an artistic interest and love for a good time. I made unforgettable friendships and returned to Los Angeles a bit nostalgic but with fresh impetus and creative inspiration.

I hope to keep in touch with everyone from the festival and wish you and everyone else the best in future projects. I look forward to seeing what everyone does next (and tipping a few bottles of champagne over "après").

Seth Koury "Sounds of Beirut" Los Angeles

Kindest regards,

Dear Friends,

Mark and I were pleasantly surprised at the audience reaction to the screening (and it was SO good to see our documentary on a big screen). I have written a review for the Radio Geronimo website which you might like to read below:
"Having spent many hours viewing the rushes, transcribing the interviews and viewing edits it was almost a revelation to finally see the documentary on the big screen. The audience reaction was great, with laughter - which we didn't quite expect. I commented to Mark that I didn'’t realise we had been making a comedy. But it was empathizing laughter prompted by the comments from the interviewees and the occurrences such as jamming the BBC. The audience understood the aim of the station. They definitely weren'’t laughing at it. After the screening we were invited onstage to address the audience and were able to reinforce the achievements of the station, the premature ending, the lifetime of events seemingly crammed into less than 12 months, the counterculture vibe... The irony that the film festival was being held at the very site from where Geronimo was broadcast was not lost on the audience. Effectively Geronimo had returned to Monte Carlo 40 years after its demise. Afterwards in the foyer several people sought further info and were generally interested in the story. They found it difficult to comprehend that the programmes were produced in the opulent splendour of 1 Harley Street London West One, airfreighted to Nice, and broadcast from Monte Carlo. This disbelief, or incredulity, was more to do with WHY it was necessary to go through such a tortuous route just to broadcast music, primarily to Great Britain. Such was the poverty of good music and radio in 1970 Britain...
Many thanks to Dean Bentley and Rosana Golden

Dear Rosana,

Merry Christmas! Thank you very much for your sending joyful photos!

And I thank you for being a wonderful hostess during my crew’s stay in Monaco.
They are so excited to have met people in movie industry around the world, and above all,
thank you for your and your staffs’ generous hospitality.

I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the best of all possible New Years,

Kindest regards,

Satoru SUGITA, Japan

Hi Rosana and Dean,

Daniel and myself, hope you are both well and now relaxing after the Angel Film Awards 2010.
We should in the new year have more from the BBC and Star107 radio stations, Interview and pod cast about the how the film "The Parking Place" did at this festival. I will send you the links and radio interview for your web site.

Many thanks, in being such wonderful and beautiful people and who give young new film makers a fantastic platform for showing there films. What a magical Angel film Awards festival it is.

Many thanks again for such a wonderful dinner and wonderful company. It was so nice to meet you and the other film makers after the festival.

The word about this festival is being spread and it is one of best festival in the world. we hope it goes from strength to strength. we hope to come next year. We should be starting on our next venture with this young growing crew.

Have a very Happy Christmas from all here at Mediascape Productions Ltd

Best regards

Simon Griggs / Executive Producer
Daniel Griggs / young film maker (23) / Director

Mediascape Productions Ltd

Dear Rosana and Dean

Hosting the AFA was a terrific experience. I felt very proud to help showcase some truly beautiful and ground-breaking movies, such as Cherkess and All the Way Up. And as for the parties... they were simply fabulous! This really is European festival chic at its best. Thank you Rosana and Dean for all your hard work.

Have a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you in the new year!!

Sophie Berenice
British Actress

Rosana and Dean,

Yours is the only festival that sends out Christmas greetings to past participants. It is so sweet of you to remember everyone who was part of your festival. Thank you for the email. I hope you both are doing well. Best wishes for 2011!


Screenwriter, "Vera" (now known as "Resistance," currently in development with UK director Si Wall and producer Rebecca-Clare Evans)

Dear Rosana, Dean

The festival was an intense experience, seeing inspirational films and discussing humanitarian issues with fellow filmmakers from all over the world.

We were delighted that our film First Darkness received awards judged by such a distinguished jury, headed by the renowned expert Professor Karl Bardosh.

Denise Wyllie and Clare O Hagan
Wyllie O Hagan Artist Partnership, London

Hi Rosana, Dean

Best to you my friends. I miss you both very much. Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.
William Forsythe, US

Hi Rosana,

I really appreciate your great help for our film "Asakusa Daydreams",
we all thank you from our bottom of our heart for your support and kindness.
Everyone enjoyed the festival and they were so happy to receive the awards.
It was my pleasure working with you again.
I hope we can see you again next year.

Have a great Christmas!
Best wishes,
Kazuhiko Tanaka
President & Producer/PLANETFIVE Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Thank you so much Rosana for everything! We missed you already!
Love the picture, it's amazing...
We hope to see you again soon and screen more of our films at your wonderful festival in the future. Please also send our love to Dean!
Also wishing you Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year filled with love, peace, magic, creativity and Angel Dust.
Love and Kisses!
Daina Papadaki, Cyprus

Dear Rosana and Dean
Melissa and I wish you a very Happy New Year and thank you for that warm festival and the excellent organization. We're already looking forward to next year's festival.

All the best wishes until then.

Nur & Mélissa, Paris, Istanbul

Liebe Rosana, lieber Dean,

wir möchten euch nochmals ganz herzlich für diesen tollen Event danken. Es war sensationell. Selten habe ich so viele fantastische, sympathische Menschen getroffen. In der Filmbranche stösst man so oft auf Arroganz und Missgunst. Nicht so beim Angel Film Festival! Es war wirklich einzigartig. Dies ist nicht zuletzt euch beiden zu verdanken, die ihr mit eurem Charme und Esprit dem Festival Glanz verleiht.
Meinen Dank auch an Daniela und Sophie, die einen tollen Job gemacht haben. Ich weiss die viele Arbeit zu würdigen, die hinter so einem Event steckt.
Wir wünschen euch alles Gute und Liebe. Erholt euch ein wenig, bald geht es wieder von vorne los.

Alles Liebe,
Marianne & Carsten Rauin, award winning writer "White Angels" Switzerland

Hi Rosana & Dean!

It was so great to meet you in Monte Carlo! Thank you for everything. We loved seeing you again and look forward to seeing again very soon.

Our invitation for you to visit us in Portugal is naturally still standing whenever you like... it will be great to welcome you here!!

I'm already editing the documentary and the report is being transmitted on national television today at 16h, tomorrow, Sunday at 18h and Monday at 16h! You can watch it live on the internet!
I will send you a DVD with the full video report and also the full photo report (we have more than 100 good ones).

Best Regards

Rita Chaves & Miguel Uhlfelder, cinema & tv producer, director

Dear Rosana, Dean

"We had such a great and constructive time in Monaco International Film Festival. We had the chance to watch great films and meet very interesting people. On the other hand we had so much fun also. Angel Film Awards is a great event that promotes universal values such as love, friendship, peace, unity and must continue for many many years coming. We are very honored that our film ''Nightfall of Eden'' was awarded by the AFA jury with two awards (Best Cinematography & Peace Award in Short Film) and we are very proud about it. AFA is a celebration of film making" -

Fanos Christophides, producer, Cyprus

Dearest Rosanna and Dean,

thank you so much for inviting me as a Jury member to the Angel Film Awards in Monaco this year. You were both such wonderful hosts. I had an amazing time and absolutely loved watching all the international films. there were so many talented people this year and it was really tough making decisions with the other jurors for the Angel awards.

I really enjoyed the time I had at the festival especially at the parties. I made so many new friends who were all really lovely and very talented people and I hope to be working with them in the near future. We all became one big happy family and thats what I particularly loved about the festival.

I only wish the festival was longer than 3 days as I really miss everyone especially you. I really cant wait to be back next year as the Angel festival is so unique and by far my favorite event of the year.

My warmest thanks and love to you, Dean and Daniella. You all did a fantastic job in organizing the ceremony and the parties .

I wish you both a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

lots of love

Nahid xx

Nahid Mannon
British Actress

Dearest Rosana and Dean
I want to thank you and all your angels for inviting us to be a part of your truly wonderful festival. Winning six awards at the Angel Film Awards means so much to us at Emerald Sky Films. Our ethos is to make films with a good story that will hopefully inspire people to look at life in a positive way and your festive certainly celebrates this so passionately. The energy that embraces everyone involved is electric filled with a sweet sense of love and harmony. So again with all the love in my heart thank you and I look forward to the next Angel Awards.

Lots of love
Shane Hamill - Producer, Emerald Sky Films

Rosana, Dean
"Winning Best Humanitarian Screenplay for Call of the Maestro was a great honor. When a Festival with the prestige and reputation of the Monaco International Film Festival bestows recognition on stories about people with great spirit it is a privilege to receive such an award on their behalf. For the same reason it was equally humbling to receive two Angel Film Awards for our other film Being Martin which is also about someone who shows the boundless qualities of human endeavor. There are not many festivals that pride themselves in celebrating the human spirit but Monaco, founded by Rosana Golden and Dean Bentley, must one of the few who truly do justice to it."

With many thanks
Lou Hamilton. Writer, director, UK

Hi Rosana and Dean,

Absolutely lovely to meet you both too and thank you for your kind words regarding Sophie, I completely agree! We both had a wonderful experience at the Angel Awards so thank you both for your incredible hospitality.
'It was an absolute pleasure to win two prestigious awards for our movie Different Kind Of Love at the Angel Film Awards. We were very inspired by the choice, diversity and quality of films that were selected and had an incredibly positive experience of the festival. Well done Rosana and Dean and keep up the wonderful work! Vikki Scott, Producer of Different Kind Of Love

Merry Christmas!

Vikki Scott, CEO of Fahrenheit Films, UK

Dear Rosana, Dean

Hope you two are recovering from the excitement of the Festival. Many heartfelt thanks for all your angelic cooperation and generosity. I am happy to have met you both and hope to continue this wonderful relationship.

Lots of love, Mohy

Mohydeen Quandour, CEO Sindika Productions, Jordan, Russia, UK

Dear Rosana and Dean

I was sorry not to find you both to say goodbye before I left Monte Carlo and to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the truly wonderful experience that is the Angel Film Awards, Monaco International Film Festival. I wanted to send you flowers today but can't find an address to send them to you!

You have both created a wonderful (and unstoppable!!!) atmosphere and unique festival that has touched many lives and I am so happy and lucky to have been part of it. You have indeed a true talent for putting interesting and good people and their work together with such generous spirit. Everything was truly appreciated by everyone.

Tim Seyfert and I enjoyed seeing all the films and meeting the faces that belong to them and we enjoyed all the generous parties and events. A truly unforgettable experience and I was very touched by the kindness and warmth of everyone involved.

I hope that you and Dean are managing to relax at last or will be able to soon.

I am very happy with my awards and keep looking at them in joy! You certainly deserved your own award and may there be many more for you in the future and many more successes for you and others.

I hope to see you in the near future!

Thank you again for everything and for inviting us to take part in the festival. Please give my thanks to all those involved.

love from Josephine Halbert and Tim Seyfert,

Dear Rosana,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note that we enjoyed meeting you and Dean and sharing the fascinating experience of the Angel Film Awards with you this year. This film festival had such a unique atmosphere and was a perfect instrument for connections with people from the filmmaking industry from all over the world.
We had such a great time and are looking forward to staying in touch with you as a friend, looking forward to the next time that our paths cross again.

Sacha Schriber, Writer Director "Open Diaries"

Hola Rosana,
Fue un placer conocerte en persona y agradecerte por el premio(2). Aqui en Madrid te esperamos cuando quieras.Un abrazo muy fuerte y seguimos en contacto.

Gabriel OMANIA, Encounter - Executive Producer, Madrid Spain

Dearest Rosana and Dean,

I want to thank you both for everything!! I had such a beautiful time
at the Angel Film Awards this year. I am happy to have met you both as
well as all of the lovely people that you brought together. The
weekend was magical and I am so grateful for your hospitality,
generosity, stimulating conversation and beautiful souls. I look
forward to much more fun with you in the future.
You are both Rock Stars!
LOVE and PEACE to you.
Tara Hunnewell, TV Host
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Rosana and Dean,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again for your
hospitality and friendship you showed Tara and I. Really appreciated
the pickup from the airport, the room and all of the kind words. I
really enjoyed this year's festival. The people were terrific, the
parties were fun and I really felt great about the overall experience.

Steven G. Kaplan


what an incredible time we all had in Monte Carlo and your wonderful festival.
You and Dean are incredible.
I managed to get a few photos from Zoe and thought you might like
them...I had some beauties of you you on my camera ..but alas
know the story there.
Lots of love Ursula

Ursula Brooks, Curve Of Earth

Dear "Angel",

the most wonderful time in Montecarlo spent with my "Angel Friends" will stay in my best cherished memories...

Luciano de Luca (Jury 2009)

Dearest Rosana and Dean,

It was lovely meeting you both. I had a great time. Thank you so much for involving me in your amazing festival. You are both gorgeous and lovely and I hope to see you in London soon. Let me know when you are coming in February. I look forward to seeing you both.
lots of love Nahid
Nahid Mannon, British Actress

Hi Dean and Rosana

Just to say a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to play at your festival.
Yasu and I really enjoyed the live show and I hope we can keep in touch.

Great energy, great people to meet, everyone so friendly.
Hats off to you two!

I look forward to playing at your festival next time.

Best regards and blessings,

Mickey Wynne

Hi, Rosana and Dean

For me, the experience in Monaco was amazing. I met a lot of
interesting people in a beautiful town and in a very warm human
atmosphere. And we also won three prizes, so... what else can I ask
for?? I miss those days there... Thanks Rosana and Dean for giving me
the chance to have that experience, plenty of love and good energy.

Nick Igea
Dir. "Ecuentro" Madrid, Spain

Dear Rosana, dear Dean,

It was wonderful meeting you in Monaco and I felt honored that my film was shown at the AFA and I enjoyed the AFA very much. It's truly a film festival of a very special kind.

I hope that after all your overly busy organizing time you could find some quiet off-time and enjoy Christmas!?

Here I am sending you a little poem of mine with my hope and wishes for you and your loved ones:

The wings of a butterfly,
Are like the swing of Angels' wings,
If you listen, and please do try,
The waves will reach you as if a bird sings,
The vibes will caress your ears dearly,
Will open your heart,
Will widen your senses clearly,
Will brighten a blessed new start,

May magic wings touch you,
And ring in a blessed new year,
May peace be within you,
And guide you without fear,
May light and love side with you,
May you remain us dear,

Warm regards from the snowy country,
Jolanda Ellenberger, Dir. 'Sea Level Rising' Switzerland

Liebe Rosanna, Lieber Dean,

wir wünschen Euch eine tolle Weihnachtszeit, erholsame Tage mit Freunden/Familie

sowie ein spannendes, erfolgreiches 2010 ... und dass die Engel immer Euch schweben.

Merry Christmas
Heike & Ralf, Frankfurt, Germany

Dearest Rosana,

Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed my time at the Angel Film Awards, and how very grateful I am to have been selected and honored as I was.

You and Dean were delightful hosts -- and it was a wonderful end to THE SACRIFICE's festival run.

thank you for your gracious hospitality, your generosity -- and for all the hard work in organizing every event.

wishing you both a happy and a merry Christmas!
love always,

Diane Namm, Director 'The Scacrifice'
Los Angeles, California

God bless both of you. It was a profound pleasure to have met you and a privilege to call you my friends. A very Merry Christmas from my heart.

Best always

William Forsythe
Actor, USA

Hola Rosana!

Thanks for a great event, it was so much fun.
I love the philosophy behind the festival and I'd love to help in any
way in the future.
Can't wait to see the photos...
Barcelona was a BLAST!!!!! Wow! There's a lot happening there right now.
Hopefully we'll meet again on one of our travels, let me know if you
are ever in Los Angeles.
Best to Dean.

Here's to an amazing 2010!!!

Minette Rísquez
Los Angeles, California

Hello Rosana,

Thanks so much for this magic moment that we are living right now.

Winning 2 awards at your festival is something really, really great!!!

Gabriel told me that it was the best film festival where our film was and we posted in our blog:

Hope that this can help to promote us and to stay closer of getting our dream of shooting our first feature film that we hope to shoot next year with Gabriel as Executive Producer.

Hope to have the opportunity of meeting you some day.

All the best and thanks again.

Martin Rosete, Writer, Director "Basket Bronx"

Hello to both:
We regret we are not able to see you at your film fest this year, but wanted to express our sincerest best wishes for a great success this year. We cannot think of any other couple who would deserve great success with all your strong work.

Best Holiday Wishes to both and your respective families

Colin and Sharon

Sir Colin T. Wallace, Kt.HKt.B.
Chairman and Chief Strategist
Lionheart Holdings Inc

Dear Rosana & Dean,

Hope you're both doing well & that
this last little period has flowed smoothly without too much stress.
Let us know if there are things we can keep in our prayers for you both.
Praying for a very productive time, and also a special, relaxing
weekend for you both.

With much love,
from Sunny & Jana
PS; Sharon & Priya send you their love!

"It's not how much you do - it's how much love you put into doing it.
And it's not how much you give, it's how much love you put into the giving"

Hi, Rosana. I think that you conducted a terrific cultural and social event, worth of a most glittering Hollywood night. Thanks for all your support to our cultural, artistic and human rights project. I hope to see you soon in NY. You have here friends, you know that.

Al Orensanz

Al Orensanz DIRECTOR


"The Angel Film Awards was the best time ever!!! Rosana and Dean brought so many beautiful people and great films. The energy around the festival was inspiring. The movies were incredibly creative. It was an honor to be part of their event and my whole team had an amazing time.
I would be happy to submit any movie that I make to The AFA as I am sure they would always create a positive atmosphere and a great stage for presenting filmmakers' work.

Not to mention that the Angel Film Award looks better than the Oscars!!!!

This festival was like a dream! Amazing work, Rosana and Dean!!!"

Elika Portnoy, Actress and Producer of "Tricks of a woman"

Dear Rosana and Dean,

I wish you also a very Happy New Year!
Health, Happiness and an Abundance of Blessings to you and Dean!

Thank you for making the Monte Carlo Film Festival, Angel Awards a reality again in 2008. It was wonderful to be part of a group of amazing and highly talented people.
Thank you for creating this unique experience and organizing a truly extraordinary event.

I look forward to staying in touch in 2009!

Maybe we have a chance to see each other at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Professor Silvia Kratzer, UCLA Film School

That you don't have to kill or use violence to make art !!
Thank god for the Angel Film Awards!
Love and light Carlos
Carlos Leon, Actor (New York)

Dearest Rosana, Dearest Dean,

Firstly we would like to express our deepest wishes to you for a wonderful, happy, joyful, and peaceful Christmas and many quiet moments for the holidays.
Also we wanted to insure you that our attitude towards many things has changed since we have met you and have been part of your outstanding unique festival.

Not all your seeds to grow some extraordinary and unique plants will bloom instantaneously, but in due time they will grow strong roots... Consequently these plants will cherish an outstanding reputation for their extraordinary beauty and uniqueness..

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to be part of this wonderful "seed setting"....

Merry Christmas

and hope that our path will cross many more times!

Many hugs and kisses

Andrea Wolffer, Producer and David Unterberg, Director of 'Healing'

Hello Rosana and Dean,

On behalf of myself (Reza Saberi) as supporter of the film Al Nesa, I would like to send a heartfelt thank you for the opportunity to attend the Monaco Film Festival and the Angel Film Awards.

I would also like to send a prayer for Eamonn so that he will recover quickly.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best wishes,
Reza ( Beverly Hills, Los Angeles)

Cheres Rosana et Dean,

Je voudrais vous remercier pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour Rob et pour sa carrière. Il continue à parler de son séjour trop court au Monaco comme si c'était un vrai je le crois!

Bonne Année à vous deux et on espère vous voir au féstival l'année prochaine!

Avec les salutations les plus distinguées,
Anne Blankenhorn (l'épouse de Rob), USA (Robert Blankenhorn, AFA Winner 'Excellence In Screenwriting Award' "The Music Of Men"

Dear Rosana, Dean

I hope this finds you well and ready for the festive season.

I have to say, I had such a wonderful time at the festival and I've been telling all the stories to my family and friends since I returned.

Thank you so much for your very swift response. I guessed how busy you and Dean must be so I really do appreciate your efforts.

I look forward to seeing some warm reminders of a very special time.

Thank you to you and Dean.

Fond Regards

Margaret Moore, actress (The Nun from 'Chasmogamy'), UK

Hello Rosana

I want to wish you a happy New Year and thank you for your festival.

Here some pictures I took.

I can tell you that since I have won the Best Feature Screenplay, I have producer who accept to read my script. Before it was hard to get to them and now it seems that all the doors are open. Just the fact to talk about the price, they are ready to listen... That's great...

Do you have contact with producers who are interested in your winning screenplay? It can help us if you had.

So have a great year 2009 and hopefully I will present you another screenplay soon, a film or even the Zakis movie finish and well done.../p>

Thanks again.

Have a great year...

André Gaumond, Quebec, Canada (Winner of 'Best Feature Screenplay' "ZAKIS")

Hello Rosana!

Happy New Year!

Nice to hear from you! I hope you had a great time in Paris. Je suis contente pour vous! Vous méritez du soutien car ce festival est vraiment quelque chose de très beau. Ne baissez jamais les bras!!!Et ne laissez rien ni personne vous mettre des batons dans les roues!!!(that's how we say in French ;)

Take care et gros bisous à toi et à Dean!

Lots of Love
Laureen, Geneva-Switzerland

Hello Rosana,

I´m Brazilian and usually go to Abadiania, where John of God works.
The film Healing won an award in the Angel Festival (2008).
My husband is the CEO for 20th Century Fox Latin america region and he intends to distribute such film.
Could you please provide him the necessary contacts of the producer/director of Healing in Austria.
My husband is Dilson Santos will contact you tomorrow.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Thene Melare

Hi Rosana & Dean,

Wishing you all the success for this year's festival, if only i could be there. T. N Mohan is on your jury and he is a great friend and colleague of mine going back 20 years. Saw him today for lunch here in London en route to the Festival.

Work progressing well on the Power of Three film which starts shooting on April 6. Great things happening, omens are fine.

Enjoy the next few days, will be thinking of you.

love Yvonne

Yvonne Deutschman
Power of 3
Productions Limited

Dear Rosana,
I heard you on RadioMonteCarlo Radio. It's great your festival!
I linked your site on my blog (about New Consciousness under the voice Art

A huge huge of Light
Marzia Neggia, Torino, Italy


hi long time, no talk to you.

I wish I can be there, but I cant this time.

I am working in my own feature documentary about the border. Lots of work and strugle. I have seen Tucanes in long time too.

Also, please, tell Alex, from one enterteinment hello and send him my email. They where very nice when we were
in Monaco.

Filmmaker, Mexico

Chère Rosanna, j'espère que votre événement s'est bien passé.
Vous avez pu produire des images ? Je n'ai pas eu de vos nouvelles...
A votre disposition en tout cas si vous souhaitez utiliser notre service.
David Beauvallet
Head of development
F-75015 PARIS
Phone: +33(0)1 4606 4040
Mob : + 33 (0)6 8511 6539 -

Rosana and Dean,

Thank you for hosting such a lovely festival. I've never attended an event where all of the participants were so warm and friendly. I had a blast from beginning to end, and I have you to thank for that.

Much love to you both,

Caitlin McCarthy, Boston

Rosana and Dean,

I want to thank the both of you for your courtesy and kindness.

It was a very special event and I think only the two of you could have
pulled it off.

By doing good you do well and the both of you are taking off to the stars.

I just got back to the states with some airline problems but my memories are

I heard you will be sending out the name of the film to be put on the each
award? We would very much appreciate getting that at your convenience at
WealthEffectMedia Inc. 120 Little Neck Road, Centerport, New York 11721.

I am off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to receive an award on Wednesday but it
will be very hard for them to pull off the festival the way that you two

With love and best wishes,
Craig Stone,
Producer 'At The Edge Of The World' NY

hi rosana,

wie telefonisch besprochen, nochmals ein danke für deinen einsatz im
bereich "HEALING" fürs universum...

sollte noch platz auf der angelfilmawards homepage sein, findest du
anbei noch photo von uns dem "HEALIND-FILM" team...

von links nach rechts zu sehen !!!

harald wiesleitner, david unterberg, andrea wolffer...

with love and harmony


Hi Rosana and Dean,

Thank you very much for inviting us to your great festival. Michael and I had a great time and met some wonderful people. Everything was great! Keep up the good work.

Wishing you all the best,

Daniel Pace,
Writer, Director Appearance Of A Man, AZ, USA

Dear Rosana and Dean,

I don't quite know how to thank you for your kind words and the absolutely WONDERFUL festival. Especially in talking to Dean, it truly became clear that you are achieving your goal with the Angel Awards. And from the bottom of my heart, I really feel yours was the warmest and most artist-friendly film festival I have ever attended. As far as my part, I will be telling anyone who will listen that Monaco has gotten it right.

On another note, I want so much for you to meet my wife, Anne, and I am already planning on bringing her to the festival next year. She spent a year in Aix en Provence and is dying to get back to the south of France.

Please accept my sincerest congratulations and best wishes for the holidays,

With warmest affection,

Rob Blankenhorn,
Screenwriter, Musician,
Detroit - Michigan, USA

Hi Rosana & Dean

Angel Film Awards are now even in the press of Austria J because of this wonderful documentation of John of God! You have a really wonderful Event with this festival and it was a great pleasure for Mike and me to take part of it.

Liebe Grüsse aus Liechtenstein!


Dear Rosana,

Thank you so very much for the festival. You brought two of my passions together:
film and spirituality.

I hope to be able to contribute (through writing, a short film or a feature) to the festival.
Or would like to support (by promotion or help) you in the future.
Let me know next year if you need help!
I believe in what you do and feel it deserves to be succesful.

About Flood: I think Carlos Leon would be a great bartender in the
hotel and he promised to read the script. I hope he will, because I truly
feel he would be great. more on FLOOD:
(The film has many interesting characters and hope to interest Will Young for
Edward and Shirley MacLaine for Joanne.)

All my love and peace
Jan Hendrik Verstraten

Hi Rosana,

It was so great to meet you at the Angel Film Awards, you are so much fun, and I really enjoyed myself.

Thank you so much for agreeing to let me play and sing my new track on the Saturday night after party n the Blue Gin Lounge: (The One I Dreamed Of...) I have had some great opportunities and at the moment am a bit confursed what to do would be lovely to see you at some point again.

You are all such a fantastic group of people xx Emma Marie Simmons

Dear Ms.Golden,

It was great to see you at Japanese event yesterday night.
If it is possible, please tell me whom you thought about me?
After I met you, my boss was so excited and laughed.

Best Regards,

Atsushi Asano
Directeur Administratif
ANA Paris Office

Dear Rosana,

I am back in my office – my brother is still on a flight to NY but he and I spoke earlier and he said how professional and gracious both you and Dean had been at the festival.

Thank you for your courtesies!

Warm regards,

Dan Stone

Documetary Director, "At The Edge Of The World", NY, USA


This flm festival is very important because it is the only high profile showcase of non-violent films in the world. Its task is difficult because it is forward reaching by trying to find films with no hate for humankind in them. Its task is made more difficult by the need to financially secure the hosting of the festival and yet remain truly independent in thought for the films it chooses. World Peace is the most important thing we can ever consider and films that are non violent will move towards this aim.
In some way the festival also allows Monaco to participate in the promoting of non-violence in films which in turn elevates the festivals international standing.

Mairi Sutherland writer producer of Red Rose, winner Best Actress Award for Rebecca Palmer 2004

Hi, Rosana & Dean!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I see that Moondance winner Trudy Happ won 2 awards for her screenplay at your event! Nice! I also sent the festival director of the Salsbourg (France) film festival to Monaco. Did she arrive? How did the festival go? I'm just starting up the competition for Moondance 2009.

Cheers, Elizabeth
Elizabeth English
Founder & Executive Director
Creative Director
Moondance International Film Festival

Seek beauty, truth, harmony...the promise of the future and the blessings of today. Live well, laugh often, love much, gain the respect & the love of children; fill your niche, accomplish your tasks; leave the world better than you found it. Appreciate Earth's beauties & express it. Look for the best in others and give the best you have.

Dear Rosana Golden

Thank you very much for your email of 28 September, inviting Mr Boris Johnson to attend the Angel Film Awards on 4-7 December.

Regrettably, the constraints of the Mayor's diary make it impossible for him to accept your invitation on this occasion.

He has asked me to pass on his apologies and hopes that the event is a great success and is enjoyed by all.

Yours sincerely

Nateisha DeCruz
Mayor's Office - Cultural Strategy

Hello beautiful Rosana
I have thought of you and the monaco film fest often, it was soooo much
I am shooting a short film here in L.A. and am hoping to have it finished
in time for your submission deadline. It would be fabulous to be back in
Monaco this december with you and Dean at your celebration of enlightened
Sending you & Dean love and blessings.
Jane Higginson, CA, USA
(The Indian '07)

"What comes to mind when I think of the Angel Film Awards 
Monaco Film Festival, the Great camaraderie, boundless enthusiasm,
old world elegance and yes, Peace. We have the two founders,
Rosana Golden and Dean Bentley, to thank for their vision.  
By the end of  this whirlwind adventure we were a family. 
It was beyond my expectations and a great honor to be president
of the jury and mistress of ceremonies of this unique festival.
I will never forget  it."

Love to all,
Diane Louise Salinger
Hollywood, Los Angeles

Happy New Year Dean and Rosana!

Thank you so much for your email. The Angel Awards/ Monaco Int'l film festival. Please let me tell you what a FANTASTIC time I had attending such a lovely, inspiring event! I know it had to be a MONUMENTAL effort to co-ordinate everyone and everything, but it was a FANTASTIC experience for all of us who attended, and a fabulous opportunity to screen such amazing movies!!
I know you had professional photographers to document the occasion, and I want you to know I personally took some photos that I would be happy to share with you if you so desire--perhaps I took some photos that you might not have expected. By the by, the two of you look fabulous and you both flattered me with some images including you both and myself. (You two look best!) Please advise me as regards photos--it was a pleasure to take them!
I shall return to Europe beginning January 21, 2008 and would be delighted if I could call you and /or meet up with you should you be available.
Again, it was a total delight to meet you both and all those amazing filmmakers...we all appreciate your joint efforts to bring their films to the world. I hope to see you next year! May love and peace grace you in the year 2008!

All the best,
Suzanna Toso
Los Angeles, California

Dear Rosana and Dean,

Congratulations. This film festival is a celebration of your very important idea that non-violent films can also promote peace and understanding among people without being preachy and boring. The films you have selected this year did bring both the audience and us, members of the Jury to tears.
They were touching, sensitive and entertaining at the same time.This was my first time on your Jury and I hope you'll invite me again to your elegant yet very humanistic and intellectually stimulating film festival.

Professor Karl Bardosh
New York University
Kanbar Institute of Film and Television

Dear Rosana & Dean,

One of the best parts of the festival was finally having the chance to meet you both. The positive energy you put into the festival with all of your hard work and preparation was what powered it. I know it is our shared hopes and prayers for peace that are the energy that was felt at the festival.

I respect you both and love you dearly. I feel I now have a wonderful new brother and sister!

WO AI NI!! (As in the film! Or in Japanese, Ai shite iru. I love you!)


We really see these honors at the Angel Film Awards as the launching pad for our next efforts in sharing “Jun-Ai” with more people.

Keiko Kobayashi Producer/Writer/Actress Jun-Ai /Japan/China

Dear Rosanna and Dean

Wonderful Festival

Many many thanks for a wonderful three days of the Angel Film Awards!  The films were all great in their different ways and all captured nuances of what the Angel Film Awards are all about.  I very much enjoyed meeting the film makers and the actors—the Japanese contingent were all so charming and decorative!  A real joy to be with them.

It is terrific to see how well your Festival is evolving—each year it gets better and better!  There is such a happy atmosphere of joy and kindness and appreciation of each other.

Many congratulations and again many thanks for the happiness you have given all of us.  The Angel Film Awards are a great way to start the season of peace!


Kristi Prenn/Monaco

New York City, 11 December, 2007

Hello beautiful ROSANA,

it was such a joy to be at your festival!!! I loved every minute of it, it was smart, elegant, spritual...
I am looking into the VARIETY issue...
I will get back to u on that as well.
I would love to keep in touch and if I can help something with the festival let me know, I would be honored...

Please give my regards to Dean as well...

much love,


Rosana and Dean,

Congratulations on another great year with the Festival!

"Beat the Drum" is being distributed worldwide by MGM and was release this month on DVD in the U.S. by The Weinstein Company/Genius Products and on Showtime.

Please say hello and good wishes to everyone in Monaco!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

David & Sandy McBrayer
Writer & Producer
"Beat the Drum"

(Beat The Drum, winner of Best Film & Best Director Angel Film Awards)

Hi Dean and Rosana,

I also enjoyed myself very much, and enjoyed meeting you, and participating in the festival.

I appreciate all of your hard work, commitment and dedication that you devoted to the festival.

Peace and Blessings,

Khashyar Darvich
Director "Dalai Lama Renaissance"

Hi Rosana and Dean,

I want to again thank you for the wonderful films, talented filmmakers, great audiences, and much valued awards that I experienced during the Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival. I look forward to repeating this great experience at the festival in the future.

Many thanks again for the one-of-a-kind experience that is the festival.

Peace and all good things,

Dennis Aig, Prof. Montana University

Dear Rosana,

Thank you very very much for organising the Festival, I had a fantastic time and saw some great films in beautiful surroundings.

Ben Burt
Head Of Production
Thema Production
London England.

Kind Regards and once again thank you very much.

Dear Rosana,

Thank you for everything. Lucinda and I had a ball!

Thanks again.

Kind Regards.

Anne Kenyon

December 6, 2007

My Dearest Beloved Rosana and Dean:
My whole day was honoring the Glory of You Two with the Angels in Monaco. I am with you in SPIRIT, hopefully next year in person.

Many, many blessings on this year's festval. May all the deepest desires of your heart be fulfilled each passing moment until eternity for the GREATNESS within both of you exhibited on earth.


Margaret Clare

Dear Rosana,
thanks for a great festival and a spectacular venue to meet other film makers. The programme was very thoughtfully put together and represented many different types of projects from an international market.
The Angel awards are establishing themselves as a major event in the festival calendar, what a great way to end the year.

Ben Burt
Head Of Production
Thema Production

Dear Rosana & Dean,

Thank you for all arangement and cooperation at Monaco.
Both JUN-AI and CINDERELLA FORMULA staff team are really happy for the result.
Especially, I really thank you for the prize(Best Producer Award) for Keiko Kobayashi.
I was really glad that people loved two films I have produced.

Best regards,


Dear Rosana,

First of all, I'd like to congratulate the successful ending of the film festival.
We had a fabulous time in Monaco invited as official guests of festival,
and also everybody involved in CINDERELLA FORMULA (also in Japan) was more than surprised by the big award-winning.

Best Regards

Booster Project Inc.
Akira Shimada
Tokyo, JAPAN

Hello Rosana and Dean,

I had an absolutely wonderful time at the film fest last week. You guys are fabulous!
Thanks for treating me so royally. Hopefully I'll run into you again soon.

Love and peace,

Dear Rosana,
Alexandrine and I just arrived at home, near Geneva, and we want to thank you for that wonderful moment spent with you and that so-called family. I'm really happy that I Finally could come to the festival to meet you and we appreciate the kindness of everyone - you, Dean... - I really like that and, for sure, it's a better experience to live than if it was iCannes Festival !!!!! We really loved every moment we spent with you and the ambiance - day and night - (that's the new number one, instead of night and day ?!) was unforgettable. I really hope we'll make it next year, just to see you again, and Dean too !

I take the advantage of this mail to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year with all the happyness and success you deserve.

Truely yours,
Carole Gay and Alexandrine Pellier

Dear Rosana,

It is so encouraging to see how much effort you two are giving into these transparent and evolving processes and how successful this is in the end.
Winning people for good purposes is a great thing to do.

Next year we will try to see as many as possible of the movies.
Take care and hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes for a relaxing weekend,
saluti a Dean!

Susanne, Italy/Germany

Rosana & Dean,

I just wanted to follow up with you guys. Last Stop for Paul has played at more than 70 film festivals to date and won a major award at over 30 of them. However, the best time I've had at any of the festivals was at the Angel Film Awards Monaco! I wish I was going to be there with you guys again, it was really a great time! You guys did a great job!

Neil Mandt Director 'Last Stop For Paul'
Hollywood, Los Angeles

Dear Rosana,
We love you very much, very much, very much...

Kindest regards
GENO and MARADIA TSAAVA Film Director, Producer, Painter-Designer
Georgia, Russia

To Rosana & Dean

The 2007 Angel Film Awards - International Monaco Film Festival was canvas oil painted in it’s every moment as if having a fantastic time and meeting amazing people could be rehearsed and we could simply lose our memories towards a reinactment of every given moment and gain a collective harmony. The suspension of disparate nonlinear memories happened because from the general audience, to the sponsors, the talent and the organizers, we all believed in the utopia that it is possible to turn the page from a barbaric world of today and turn it into a civil world and we all believed we were creating this microcosm of energy and intention through our power of symbiosis and in bringing the message of peace into the world and a collective capacity of applying it into reality.The moments felt they were reoccurring at times because there was so much harmony.

Films like "The Music In Me", showed how a simple dance teacher can be the alchemist to the destroyed lives of handicapped teenagers and their families to a better good, while films like "Jun Ai" and "Dalai Lama Renaissance" showed the importance of stopping wars and creating a better world through tolerance and organization.

The dynamics of the group was so richly orchestrated by Rosana Golden and Dean Bentley that it feels though pictures and collective memories-interesting enough always the same for different people-that we were being observed and conducted from the outside this year, as if a ghastly world coexisted amongst us, and the group was truly being guided by the peace angels and we, all attendants, were their role models.

We were thrown into a magnetoscope of energy this festival was all about escaping under lustuous visions of chandeliers, crystals, velvet, champagne and the blossoming of a fairy tale land, even for the residents, into a collective experience, and then its’ nostalgia and dreams of a unique reality, only in knowing deep in our hearts that this hyperreality, this suspense in an elated manner, the celluloid dreams: the films; can reach millions in the modern times and we have a volcanic power to change and speak straight to the roots of this planet.

Ana Bielschowsky
Film Producer & (2007 Angel Film Awards, Jury Member)
New York, NY

For a direct response call :  -  Rosana Golden -
Skype: rosanapress
AFA Festival Director, Creative Director
AFA Producer, Head of Programming
Melania Coppola, AFA Prog,Team