2010 Photo Gallery & Video ARCHIVES


2011 Gallery


Les Guest Avant Awards Nomination

Avant Premiere Awards Celebration Tux & Gala gear

Golden Angel Trophy

Jury in action...

President of Jury John Altman on stage with Rosana Golden
Festival Director, Dean Bentley Festival Producer

My Angel "Best Feature Film" All winners on stage, Director Steve Cookson, Actor Joseph Phillips & "My Angel" Producer Peter Keegan along with all official Jury Members

Donovan Honorary Angel Film Awards President, Rosana Golden
AFA Director, President Jury John Altman,
AFA Producer Dean Bentley

On Stage Segiola Scott

Segiola Scott Nominated for Best Drama-Romance

Stephen Whiteside, Andy Goulden, Nick Goulden receiving their Screenplay Awards for BEST COMEDY NOIR "THE SALVATION OF FRANKIE LOVELOCKE " BEST COMEDY for THE CULT Bravo

"ON FRIDAY HILL" Best Humanitarian Screenplay award
goes to Christian Piers Betley all the way from Canada.

On stage Lovely Elizabeth Gilbert - Winner Best Action-Adventure and Winner for Best Fantasy Screenplay "LOVELY"

Daniella Gonella presenting the Award to Nur Dolay Best
Environmental Drama Screenplay "ORKINOS"

Award Winning Writer Carsten Rauin on stage for Best Documentary "LITTLE HEROES"

Australian Writer Graham V. Rushton Winner of Best Period
Drama & Best Independent Spirit Award

Award Winning Writer & Filmmaker Jolanda Ellenberger winner of Best Awareness Screenplay Angel Award

Writer Award winner Maxine Pugh for Best Romantic
Comedy & The Angel Film Award Special Mention
Script Award for RAISON D ETRE

Luminous Golden Angel trophy picture taken by Insymmetry Iain Howell

An Angel for THE WILL TO WIN "USA" - Best Short Documentary Cinematographer - Tamara Sumner Petersen on stage
Paul V. Petersen on stage receiving the award on behalf

US Filmmaker ZOI FLOROSZ holding her Award for Best Independent Spirit Short Film Category BRUSHSTROKES

Sacret Journey To Tibet received on stage by Paul Von Petersen

"SIMILAR" UK Winner for Best Narration Short Film Category on stage Dr. Shamaela Munir and her Brother Ali Munir cast role in this film

An Angel for BEST SHORT ANIMATED FILM "GUS" Australia,
Director Andrew Martin on stage

On stage Winner of Quirky Enviromental.. Best Feature Documentary Director Jon Cooksey "HOW TO BOIL A FROG" Canada

Director Jon Cooksey up for another one..Special Mention
Angel Film Award for "HOW TO BOIL A FROG" Canada

Best Supporting Actor Tatsuhiro Ito in "DEEP BLUE" Japan

BEST ORIGINAL SHORT STORY "Deep Blue" Japan Writer Director
Kazuhito Nakae on stage receiving the Award

Babita Sharma and Jury Member Kazuhiko Tanaka from Japan calling out the next award..

On stage BRUSHSTROKES Director Zoi Florosz receiving her Angel..

An Angel for "A SPRINGTIME MELODY" Sweden Best Female Actor Gunilla Johansson on stage Director Writer Aase Hoegfeldt receiving the Award on behalf

Bunji Sotoyama Writer & Director of Best Short Film KONO KISHI
NO KOTO Japan together with Kazuhiko Tanaka, AFA
Member of Jury, Journalist & Producer, Japan

B.Sotoyama Dir. KONO KISHI NO KOTO Multi AFA Winner- Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, Best Ensemble Cast. Receiving Special Award for Best Art Film & The Humanitarian Angel Film Award

An ANGEL for BREAKING THE SILENCE "UK"" - On Stage - Alita
Simpson Winner of Best Short Documentary Director

Writer, Producer, Director Alita Simpson up on stage for picking up her Angel for BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM "BREAKING THE SILENCE" UK

On stage Babita Sharma, Dame of Honor Victoria Aitken,
Rosana Golden - Victoria announces the next winner...

On Stage Director, Producer Michael King winning Best Narration Feature Film "THE RESCUERS" USA

Special Mention Angel Film Award for short film DISPLACEMENT
US-Suisse Production, Writer, Director Jolanda
Ellenberger on stage receiving the Award

UK Award Winning Filmmaker Lou Hamilton on stage receiving Angel for Best Newcomer "Shaun Rivers" UK in PITBULL WARRIOR

Slony Sow Best Short Film Director for Winter Frog "GRENOUILLE
D'HIVER" France, Slony on stage with BBC
Barbita Sharma & Member de la Jury - Actress Melissa Papel

More Happiness for French Filmmaker Slony Sow bringing home 4 Awards..Best Actor went to Gerard Depardieu, Best Supporting Actress Erico Takeda & Best Original Music

Multi Award Winning Feature "IN THE KEY OF ELI" USA winning
Angels for Best Ensemble Cast Actors Carol Rich,
Ron Recasner, Phil Scarpaci on stage also for Best Original Story

Writer, Filmmaker, Producer Joni Steel Kimberlin Best Feature Documentary "GET REAL WISE WOMAN SPEAK" USA & Best Cinematography "Joseph Parlagreco"

SPEAK" USA Directed by Joni Steel Kimberlin

Shining..Couple..Jose Martin walking away with the ANGEL PEACE AWARD category for Short Film VOICE OVER (Spain)

Jose Martin & Gabriel Omania Winners of Best Producer
Short Film "VOICE OVER" Spain

"THE ITALIAN KEY" Feature Film "Finland-Italy" Cast and Crew on stage

"THE ITALIAN KEY" Young Talent Leo Vertunni & Gwendolyn
Anslow new up-and-coming Actress

Jury Members in action...

and..surprize award to our President of Jury Dr. John Altman..

We Congratulate Dr. John Altman receiving Lifetime Achievement Award for his inspiring contribution for music in film

An Angel for Best Original Music - on stage receiveing his
award Tuomas Kantelinen feature film "THE ITALIAN KEY"

Festival Producer Dean Bentley presents Liftetime Achievement Award for Donovan Rock Poet & his Wife & Muse Linda for Beautiful Poetry and Music in Film

Belle Presentation and Congrats to Gianni Giannelli & Ville
Tanttu for Best Cinematography "THE ITALIAN KEY"

Joseph Plillips shining winner Best Newcomer feature film "MY ANGEL" UK

Multible Winners from left Producer Peter Keegan, Director
Steve Cookson and Actor Jospeh Phillips in
"MY ANGEL" Best Feature Film receiving The Golden Angel Trophy

Awards Night from left Dean and Rosana Organizers AFA-MIFF Founders, white dress Alba Kaufmann, President Jury John Altman, Kazuhiko Tanaka Jury Member, Japan

Rosa Karo Writer & Director on stage

Writer, Director Rosa Karo THE ITALIAN KEY picking up the award for Best Costume Design