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Angels among us see you at the tapis rouge
gala awards night..Monaco

Avant Gala Awards Celebration - Dame of Honour Lamia Khashoggi, Dean Bentley, Rosana Golden - AFA - MIFF festival Producers - Director

Rosana and Ana Obregon angel trophy

South African nominated filmmaker Desmond Denton with his lovely wife Vera

Rosana and Babita angel trophy - avant
award celebration

Avant Gala Awards LOVE team Japan

Avant Gala Awards - Jacqueline Lestrade
Monaco Press, Rosana and Lamitta

Avant Gala Award Celebration with Actress Lamitta Frangieh, VIP Guest Angie & Eleni

Avant Gala Awards - Rosana Golden & Midori
Nishiura - Jaxa - Japan Aerospace Exploration
Agency - Executive Advisor

Avant Gala Awards - Natalia and Adam Ustynowicz "Chopin The Space Concert" & Rosana Golden - AFA Director

Avant Gala Award Celebration with Luba Balagova - producer,
Ed Ward - actor, Lamitta Frangieh - actress,
Mohy Quandour - director, nominated movie "A Facebook Romance"

Avant Gala Award Celebration Jacky M. Fox & Rosana Golden

Avant Gala Awards Celebration, nominated writers
Dianna Ippolito, Jamie Read, Yufei Zhang
& US Actress Erin Gray

Avant Gala Rosana dressed by Grace Bardin Haute Couture - London - Monaco

Avat Gala Awards - AYA Japan dir.Yasushi Fuluichi
and actress Chihiro Kasahara

Avant Gala avec les belle Membre de la Jurie - AFA team - Daniella Gonella, Maike Billitis, Marie Laurence de Rochefort, Babita Sharma

Pre-Awards interviews by Mediascape with
Dean Bentley & actress Lamitta Frangieh

Pre-Awards beautiful actress Chihiro Khasahara in Kimono Rope & Japanese dir. Yasushi Fuluichi

Two Scottish Angels

Ready to go for the awards...

Applause & 2012 Jury combination beauty & smart Host
Babita Sharma BBC World, Suzanne Kendall, Daniella
Gonella, Maike Billitis, Marie Laurence de Rochefort,
Ana Obregon head jury

Suzanne Kendall, Maike,Billitis, Marie Laurence de Rochefort "3 out of 6 Jury Members" on stage awards night

Winner of two awards Yana Gibbs - Best Drama Screenplay
Award & Best Independent Spirit Award for "Carfax"

Dianna Ippolito Winner of Best Period Drama Screenplay "Racing To The Altar" & Winner Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay "Dear Jane"

Winner on stage Dean Drinkel - Best Action Thriller
Screenplay "Bright Yellow Gun"

Multiple Winner for Best Family Drama & Special Mention Screenplay - Alexandra Belegrati "You Are My Sunshine"

Best Adapted Screenplay - Stephen Potts here
with little Potts for "COMPASS MURPHY"

Winner Best Fantasy Love Story Screenplay - Yufei Zhang "The Scented Moon"

Multi - award winning writer Jamie Read
on stage at the AFA

Jamie Read - Winner of Best Action Adventure & Best Mystical Periode Drama Screenplay "The Life And Afterlife Of Jing Jing Wang"

Best Female Actor Sandra Maitland her role in "Angie"
Lou Hamilton Writer & Director "Angie" on stage

Adrian Roup Writer-Director on stage receiving award on behalf Maury Zeller for Best Supporting Male Actor in "Tango Chenges Everything"

Best Newcomer Short Film Category - "You Know What I Wish For"
& George Arms holding his award

"Stealth" Multi Winner in Short film Category for Writer-Director Hayley Easton Street, Best Cinematographer-Steve Jones, Best Producer Hayley E.S., Best Visual Effect

Winners on stage Director & Writer, Producer Simon Aitken,
Benjamin Green actor in "Sans Sous Titres" scored
Best Original Story & Best Script in short film category

Winner "Special Mention" Short Film Category - on stage co-writer & co-director Melissa Papel - "Tu Ez Moi" "Delete Me"

Bri Krebs - Best Female Actor "Short Film Category",
"You Know What I Wish For"

Overwhelmed on stage 7 awards "You Know What I Wish For" best short film, best director, best female actress, best male actor, best newcomer, best original music, best Humanitarian

"You Know What I Wish For" cast & crew

Winner on stage Best Art House Short film directed by Inal Beck Sherip "Belgium"

On stage Jacky M Fox, co-director "Mandela - The World
That Made Him" wins Best Short Documentary Award
& the Angel Peace Award

LOVE wins Independent Spirit award "short selection", on stage director Sanae Kusaka - Japan

Feature Film Category - "God Has Arrived" Mexico,
winner of Best Narration, on stage writer-director
John Urich-Sass & Alan Urich-Sass

On stage actress Chihiro Kasahara, writer-director Yasushi Fuluichi "AYA" feature movie Japan wins 4 awards announced by Jury President Ana Obregon

"AYA" scored 4 awards "feature section", Best Cinematographer
- Yasushi Fuluichi, Best Newcomer - Chihiro Kasahara,
Best Original Music, Best Original Story

Actress Chihiro Kasahara wins Best Newcomer in "Aya" feature film category

On stage Rosana Golden Festival executive director, Babita
Sharma BBC World, Dean Bentley AFA executive producer
with AFA award winning director Desmond Denton (South Africa)

South Africa wins 4 feature film awards director Desmond Denton won Best Director, Best Producer, Joeye de Koker for Best Supporting Female Actor, Best Feature Script

Winners on stage! The Humanitarian Angel Film Award & Special
Mention Award goes to 'HUMAN FREEDOM' (Switzerland)

Suisse film Human Freedom wins Humanitarian Angel Film Award Director Hans Peter Scheier on stage receiving the award

Winner Best Supporting Male British Actor Ed Ward
for his role in feature film 'A Facebook Romance' (Jordan)

Multiple Wins A Facebook Romance (Jordan) on stage Jury President Ana Obregon, Director Mohy Quandour, Lamitta Frangieh, Mohamed Karim, Ed Ward, Producer Luba

Rosana Golden Festival Director announces Best Male Actor
for feature film category...

...and the Winner is Egyptian Actor Mohamed Karim Best Male Actor feature film A Facebook Romance on stage with Dean Bentley Festival Producer

Winners on stage - US Actress Erin Gray (Best Female Actor)
& 'Dreams Awake' Director Jerry Alden Deal (The Best Independent
Spirit Award), Rosana Golden (AFA Festival Director)

Congrats to US Actress Erin Gray - Angel Film Award - Best Female Actor in her role in Dreams Awake (US Feature)

Best Film of the festival - Winners on stage receive
the Golden Angel Film Award Trophy for 'Chopin The Space Concert'
(Poland - USA - Japan, feature)

AFA Trophy goes to 'Chopin The Space Concert' Adam Ustynowicz (director), Midori Nishiura (Japan Space Explo. Agency, Dr. Yasushi Horikawa (Chairman UN Peaceful Use of Outerspace)

The AFA Lifetime Achievement Award goes to
Prof. Dr. Marcel Muller-Wieland - For Humanitarian efforts

The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Spanish Actress Ana Obregon for her contribution to television & film

Ladies in Red - Pure Glamour - Spanish Actress Ana Obregon
and Dame of Honour Lamia Khashoggi at the Angel Monaco Awards Night...

UK Actress & TV Presenter Susan Painter to announce all invited guest join the amazing after party at the Pacific Lounge Monte Carlo..till early hours..stay tuned for more party pix