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AFA Opening Press Call & Evening Gala & Film Party Pictures |  AFA Award Winners & Celebration

The official Angel Film Awards host Italian
actress Antonella Salvucci on stage
to announce the winners

Happiness and 'awws'..during the 15th Anniversary
Angel Film Awards Celebration in Monaco! We Congratulate
the 2017 recent award winners and to the jury board team
for their amazing work led by jury President Guy Siner,
Antonella Salvucci, Eliza Calmat, Charlotte Quanjel
and Vassa Kuzmina

High emotions on stage the winners for best feature
film 'UMA' love story/drama (US/Italy/Venezuela) from
left the Venezuelan award winning actor Henry Zakka,
actress Alexandra Braun, Director Alain Maiki, and
the award winning Spanish actress Ana Turpin holding
the coveted Golden Angel Trophy

2017 Angel Film Awards Jury President British Actor
Guy Siner & the Italian TV host and actress Antonella
Salvucci announcing the winners

Rosana and Dean presenting the 2017 Angel Film Award -
Lifetime Achievement Award to the British Actor Guy
Sinner for his contribution to British Film
- Television and Theatre

The 2017 Winners.. Best Feature Film & jury on stage

Winning actors in feature film UMA on stage Alexandra
Braun, Ana Turpin, Henry Zakka, and director Alain Maiki

La belle Spanish actress Ana Turpin holding the coveted
Golden Angel trophy winning Best Supporting Actress
in 'UMA' feature film (Italy, US, Venezuela)

Ladies and Gentleman the AFA - Monaco International
Film Festival announce the 2017 AFA Host and Jury
board member the beautiful & charming Italian actress
Antonella Salvucci

Awards night on stage Canadian journalist and AFA host
Tammi Christopher & the Italian TV host & actress
Antonella Salvucci to announce the 2017 Screenwriter awards

On stage Summer Starrs winning Best Dramatic Comedy
for her feature Screenplay 'IN WONDERLAND' (USA)

'IN WONDERLAND' (USA) feature screenplay written

Congrats to Mike for “DISDAIN” a ‘Short Screenplay’
written by Mike COLQUHOUN (France/UK) winning

Kisses for Mike COLQUHOUN receiving his award on stage

2017 Angel Film Awards Jury President British
Actor Guy Siner & the Italian TV Host and Actress
Antonella Salvucci announcing the winners
for the 2017 short film category

The leading Ladies of the 2017 Jury Board Antonella
Salvucci, Eliza Calmat, Charlotte Quanjel, Vassa Kuzmina

Congrats to Robbie for "SEA DOGS" ‘Feature Screenplay’
Written by Robbie MOFFAT (UK) winning BEST ROMANTIC COMEDY

Award for ANCHOR BABY (USA-China) Best Family Screenplay
written by Ran Jing on stage the Chinese producer Boa Zhang

'Letters To April' UK scooped 3 awards for Best Female Actor;
Best Editing, Best Custom Design!!

Angel Film Awards host Antonella Salvucci calling on stage British actress Daniela Spataru winning Best Supporting Actress in her role as (Fran) in 'Letters To April' UK

French Actress ELIZA CALMAT announcing the next winner
with AFA Host Antonella SALVUCCI..!

Congrats!! Best Arthouse short film category 'The Writer' (Belgium) on stage Pascal Adams

Best Newcomer in short film category MATHIEU DENSELE (France)
for 'LISTEN' on stage writer and director NIKO MIKADZE
picking up the award for Mathieu

Chinese short film fantasy category 'Abdullah's Wonderland' Director LIU MINGSHAN picked up three awards Best Ensemble Cast: MIRZAT ABDUAINNI; GULIPIA JILILI; ARSLAN ABDUKELIAM; MUHAMMAD SIYITY; MAYILA MIJITY; EYKRAM AINIWAR; Best Original Music: HAMULAT NURMAMAT; Best Cinematographer: LIU DAPENG

Japanese Actress Sarina Enoki, British Writer/Director/Producer
Robbie Moffat, Japanese Producer Akemi Takeda, US Writer Summer
Starrs, British Actress Sue Brooke Miles

Best Female Actor Sarina ENOKI her lead role in short film 'OTOME SAKURA' (Japan) and Best Short Film Script Hiroyuki YOKOYAMA

Best Original Story and the winning goes to Japan for Kazuhiro
Teranishi's short film NAOKI-TIME IS LIFE

Short film category winner for Best Independent Spirit for IN LOVING MEMORY (India-Russia) on stage Russian producer Nikita Ivanenko

Best Female Actor short film category goes to Sarina ENOKI
in OTOME SAKURA Japan on stage with the Producer AKEMI
TAKEDA and Jury President GUY SINER

Naoki Time Is Life short film drama category on stage Director/Writer/ Producer Kazuhiro Teranishi and team receiving the 'AFA Special Mention' award

Canadian drama ‘TOUCH’ wins Best Short Film, Best
and producer during award ceremony photo call..

Short Film category winner BEST SHORT FILM Canadian Drama TOUCH on stage Director and Producer Noel HARRIS, Mark O'NEILL

The Chinese comedy – drama feature ‘INTERLOPER’ scooped
6 awards including the important HUMANITARIAN ANGEL FILM
AWARD & Best Director Award went to YANG DAJIANG; Best
Cinematographer: MENG XIAOQING; Best Male Actor: LI XIAOCHUAN;
Best Feature Film Script: to YANG DAJIANG ‘INTERLOPER’ (CHINA);
Best Producer: GE QIWEN on stage with AFA Host Antonella
Salvucci & Festival Director Rosana Golden

Winner Feature Film category BEST MALE ACTOR 'Li XIAOCHUAN' for INTERLOPER (CHINA)

The AFA Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Martha Hart and
Antonella Salvucci on stage..

Winner Angel Film Award - Best Humanitarian Award goes to Chinese feature film INTERLOPER on stage YANG DAJIANG Director 'Interloper' (feature film category)

The Angel Peace Award was awarded to the feature
documentary ‘THE TOUCH OF AN ANGEL’ Poland/Germany
on stage Producer & Director Malagorzata WALCZAK,

The Festival Director of the Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival on and about announcing award..

Winner Best Feature Documentary THE GREEN PARK
(UK) directed by JUSTIN HARDY

Big Congrats to the Director and Producers Malgorzata
Walczak and Marek T. Pawlowski the makers of THE TOUCH
OF AN ANGEL Poland winning the 2017 Angel Peace Awards

Congrats to Alexandra Braun winning Best Female Actor
in her role as UMA (feature film category)

Alain Maiki winning Best Film Editing for 'UMA' a feature film by Alain MAIKI

LUCID winner Best Independent Spirit on stage
writer-director Adam MORSE a feature film by Adam Morse (UK)

On stage Spanish Actress ANA TURPIN receiving the award for Best Supporting Female Actress in UMA (feature film)

Category feature film - winner Best Production
& Best Costume Design Niina TOPP on stage for (LUCID) UK

Winner on stage Adam Morse the Director of LUCID (UK) and Antonella Salvucci AFA Host

Happiness during the awards night celebration
Angel Film Awards Monaco International..

Feature Film category LUCID (UK) picked up the award For Best ENSEMBLE CAST Laurie CALVERT, Billy ZANE, Sophie KENNEDY CLARK, Felicity GILBERT, Sadie FROST, Cristian SOLIMEN

Award winning Scottish Writer-Director on stage winning
Best Independent Spirit for his feature screenplay 'SEA DOGS'

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