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Monte Carlo by Night

I Love Angel Film Awards

Saturday 5 Dec Awards .. opening

Daniella Gonella of DG Productions on stage announcing....

Carolynne Wyper Pivotal-Pictures executive producer receiving
the Angel Film Award 'Best Family Adventure' for 'Stormdancer'
written by Katerine Huston & John A. Lange

AFA on stage..Jury, Directors..

The AFA Special Mention Screenplay Award goes to Josephine Halbert
in 'The Time Travel Boyfriend'

Josephine Halbert, writer - director, UK

On stage Rick Friend, director, writer, composer with Daniella Gonella

The AFA Best Epic/Historical Screenplay award goes to Rick Friend for 'Non Possumus'

Rick Friend up on stage again for receiving the Angel..
for Best Comedy Drama in 'STUCK'...showing Barry Leach
receiving his awards minutes prior..

Speech on stage..Best Black Comedy goes to Barry Leach for 'Grief From Madame Butterfly'

Sasha Schriber on stage...

...pleased with her award for Best Factual Screenplay Angel..for 'Open Diaries'

Chris Warner speech on stage...

fabulous smile..Chris Warner Best Independent Screenplay Angel Film Award for 'Second Thoughts'

Konnie nominated for Best Rising Star Screenplay Angel
..for 'Ahmed and Mildred'

true surprise for lovely and talented actress, writer, model & TV presenter Konnie Huq

US actor William Forsythe...lets go party..

VIP Guest..

Mr. and Mrs. Warner..

Japanese actress Keiko Kobayashi, Chinese director Jing Qingmin, Japanese actor & pop star Yasutaka

Lily Rampenthal, Karl Ollert & UK actor Michael Instone..The Tomb Robbery Papyrus'

Lee Madsen director 'Curve of Earth' & Beth Bond